Fictional Job Assignments (Federation Edition)

As if it’s not obvious, I like to daydream about my gaming characters, give them background stories, their friends and foes, and occasionally write fiction about them. This is especially true with my STO characters, because Star Trek is such a well-developed setting, so today I just want to do a simple and brief update on what my various Federation toons are in the current game setting.

Last year I wrote a piece of fiction based on the episode Midnight, where I mixed-and-matched my own toons with those of Fungi’s and Jay’s into a single task force at the Battle of Sol. Since the end of the Iconian War, ships and personnel would’ve been reassigned, and much of their current status would be directly affected by what happened during and immediately after the Battle of Sol.

T’Leia (Vulcan Tactical) and Zdrossk (Tellarite Engineer, Delta Recruit)

The U.S.S. Serengeti commanded by Zdrossk was sunk during the Battle of Sol, although most of the crew managed to escape and were rescued by the rest of the task force. Following the end of hostilities, Zdrossk and his crew were transferred to the Jupiter-Class carrier U.S.S Birmingham. As part of the 6th Fleet, the Birmingham became the core and flagship of the 244th Battle Group – a strategic element consisting of twelve ships stationed primarily in the Kalandra Sector, where it has dealt with True Way and Breen activities as well as providing support to the Deferi.

The Mercury-Class Escort U.S.S. Horus commanded by T’Leia escaped the war largely intact, and is now part of the 244th Battle Group. Unlike the pre-War days, the Horus (and her fellow escorts) is rarely dispatched on independent missions these days, but rather deployed as close escort for the other ships of the battle group. In other words, among all my Fed toons, T’Leia and Zdrossk are the only ones still serving in the same unit and regularly see each other.

Kala Kendris (Bajoran Engineer)

The Odyssey-class U.S.S. Pallas Athena-A commanded by Kala Kendris suffered heavy damage during the Battle of Sol, but held herself together. After the war she went back to the shipyards for a twelve-month repair and refit program, during which Kendris and her crew were temporarily assigned to commission the Presidio-class cruiser U.S.S. Argus Panoptes. The refitted Pallas Athena returned to service under Kala Kendris as an Endeavor-class vessel, was assigned to 15th Fleet and has been actively assisting the Romulan Republic in post-war reconstruction.

Heidy von Bach (Human Science Officer)

Of course, my main toon Heidy!

The U.S.S. Inquest also suffered heavy damage in the battle, but Starfleet chose not to refit her and Heidy’s entire crew was transferred to the Pathfinder-Class U.S.S. Cassini. The Cassini was sent on a three-year deep space exploration mission, which was cut short after only fourteen months when she attempted to stop a war between two alien species. The damaged Cassini was towed back to DS9 with a loss of 22 crew members, at which point the survivors were transferred to the brand new Nautilus-class U.S.S. Oculus. In accordance with Starfleet’s new “Four-Quadrant Strategy”, the Oculus was assigned to 515th Survey Squadron of the 8th Fleet, and is now surveying unknown space in the Delta Quadrant via access of the Iconian Gateways.

(And which are the other ships in the 515th Squadron? I’ve left it deliberately vague for now, in case other players are interested in adapting their characters to this storyline…)

As for the two Fed toons who didn’t exist during the Iconian War season, this is their retroactive histories:

Lt. Adam Kunzel (Human Science)

Adam was just promoted to Lieutenant and one of the helmsmen aboard the Nebula-class U.S.S. Lagrange, which is part of the 22nd Fleet. The Lagrange did not take part in the Battle of Sol, as it was damaged earlier in the conflict and never had the opportunity for full repairs. After the war she was refitted into a Sutherland-class vessel, and returned to the 22nd Fleet where she is based out of Starbase 173.

Admiral Maren (Foxy) Brown (Human Tactical)

During the Iconian War Admiral Brown was part of Starfleet Command, directing overall strategies and organizing fleet dispositions. Her personal ship, the Arbiter-class battlecruiser U.S.S. Vendetta saw several skirmishes within the Federation core during the war without the Admiral’s presence, but was otherwise held back as part of the Reserve Fleet. The Vendetta did see action at the Battle of Sol, probably the only time she fought with Admiral Brown in the captain’s chair.

Since then Admiral Brown has returned to her desk job with Starfleet Command, while increasingly involved in clandestine and black ops missions, possibly collaborating with Section 31 and subverting Temporal Investigations. She makes no secret of her devotion to the security of the Federation, and is one of the leading proponents of a more aggressive, more militant Starfleet; she has notably clashed with Admiral Quinn’s traditionalists on multiple issues, but remains undeterred in her convictions.

Recently Admiral Brown has relinquished command of the Vendetta and released the ship for redeployment, although rumors are she is secretly requisitioning a replacement vessel better suited to her clandestine needs.

And there you have it!


11 thoughts on “Fictional Job Assignments (Federation Edition)

    1. R’Jal has been enjoying his retirement on Risa, and now spends his days learning the silly human sport of golf. As well as ogling all the alien hotties there. Yeah….


      1. Aw yah. But does he want to end up with Tikis? Cause that’s how Tikis happen.

        Imagining him and Gortusk hitting the links is pretty funny though. Write that up. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine have just been chilling. My main Fed tac Jay (Admiral Jason West, aka “Wild West”) is finally back from his historic 5-year mission leading the 1st Expeditionary Fleet and exploring the unknown regions of the galaxy, and is now retired from Starfleet after 46 years of highly decorated service (from 2371 to 2417).

        Admiral West promoted his second in command and protégé Captain Alexander James “AJ” Kirk (my Fed eng alt) to rear admiral and passed command down to him just before retiring, leaving AJ in command of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet on a new 5-year-mission to explore some more unknown regions of the galaxy, boldly going where no one has gone before.

        Jay and AJ are my two toons on my old account.

        On my second account, my newer 3 toons who are Fed, Rom, and Klingon (all tac) don’t really have any background stories. I guess I just haven’t really felt like writing anything for them yet.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Actually Jay served a grand total of 45 years and 8 months, but I rounded it off to 46 (Sept. 2371 to May 2417). Now he’s technically retired but still teaches at Starfleet Academy when asked to by Starfleet. He doesn’t mind doing it because he gets bored in his retirement sometimes. lol


      1. The T6 fleet Arbiter (USS Katana)? That one was technically never Jay’s ship, really. It was kinda “on loan” from Starfleet Intelligence for certain special missions. Jay’s actual assignment just before his retirement was as CO of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet, with the Odyssey-class USS Phoenix as his flagship. When he retired, AJ Kirk took over command of the Phoenix and the fleet.


      2. No no no. Admiral BROWN, my chunky Temporal Agent Toon. Her ship was the Fleet Arbiter USS Vendetta, but recently switched to the new USS Shetani… the one I did the STFs with you guys the other night. Y’know, the “secret” “clandestine” ship.

        Liked by 1 person

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