Ship & Crew Showcase Posters

I made a couple of these posters for two of my toons, Heidy and Congilla. Self-explanatory, and summarizes everything about them in one neat page! Just posted the one for Congilla on STO Reddit, too!



9 thoughts on “Ship & Crew Showcase Posters

    1. Thanks, but some characters are definitely more “interesting” and developed than others. Like Zdrossk is nothing more than “here’s a Tellarite who looks like the bad guy from Cyborg”, or Kala Kendris “the Bajoran who leveled mainly from Doff assignments”. :p

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  1. I suppose I could do one of those for my characters. AJ Kirk would be relatively easy to do but the one for Admiral Jay West would be incredibly long due to the length of his Starfleet career (45 years plus change!). lol

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  2. It would take a while, especially in Jay’s case, with his Starfleet career as long as it is. lol

    But I’d like to write it all down one of these days when I’m not too busy working 12-hour shifts.


  3. Heidy, quick question: do you take commissions?

    A friend sent me some bridge crew with a linked backstory (a gorn, klingon, orion, and nausicaan who are in two separate three-way power conflicts) that fit way too well with one of my captains (ferasan with an alien first officer who keeps trying to kill her by using the red light on a sniper and the shiny anniversary horns during battle). But I am hopeless at anything visual. I’d love to have something to show to my friend as a thank you.


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