Star Trek: Bridge Crew

I’m not as much of a hardcore gamer as I may try to mislead you to believe, so this is probably beyond my abilities (and budget in terms of getting the necessary hardware). Still, this game looks all kinds of awesome; in fact, this is similar to what I originally thought Star Trek Online is about when I first signed up!

Here’s the trailer to UBISoft’s new Star Trek: Bridge Crew Virtual Reality game:

I can practically see and hear people on this game. Jay would be like, I HATE GRINDING but I love my Konnie, Novin would be telling us he’s ready to tank and pull threat, and Skeleskully/Fungi is probably going to jump on the helm station and dance. Me? Most likely loudly asking, “WTH, where’s the fire button? How do I rotate shield frequency? What’s going on here? I’m so confused!”

Hmmm. That actually sounds like it might be fun.


7 thoughts on “Star Trek: Bridge Crew

  1. This had me busting up laughing. And it’s actually pretty helpful in learning how to fly the ship. Fair warning – contains some, uh… strong language (hilarious, tho). lol :

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  2. A fly-by of the USS Aegis in a shuttle, so you can see it in more detail:

    It appears to have been influenced by the Vengeance in its design, tho it looks a lot smaller than the Kelvin Timeline Connie. Nice little ship and I wish we had it in STO.


      1. Yep, the Aegis is essentially an experimental prototype/test bed for the new stealth features it has, hence the NX prefix in the registry number. It can’t cloak like the Vengeance, but its impulse exhausts are a lot “cooler,” hence those unconventional nozzles on the back of the saucer section. The warp nacelles are similarly designed to hide its warp signature and make it harder to detect.

        Incidentally, the NX prefix was carried over from real-life civilian experimental aircraft. Military and NASA experimental aircraft also get an X (e.g. Chuck Yeager’s X-1 and more recently Northrop Grumman’s carrier-based X-47 drone fighter).


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