Character Spotlight – General Gortusk

I’ve mentioned my KDF toon Gortusk several times in past posts, but I’ve never posted any screenshots or information about him. Which is a bit weird, since he is second only to Heidy in terms of experience and gear, and is my main KDF character. Time to remedy this oversight.

Now granted, Gortusk is a Gorn — so it’s not like there is anything earthshatteringly different about his looks: all the Gorn look alike anyway (unless you happen to have kept the original Chicken-Gorn skin, or using the new 23c Rubber-Mask Gorn head). I did try to give Gortusk a bit of a subtle distinction though: his head is taller and narrower than most Gorn, with a shorter snout but wide jaws, which makes him slightly more humanoid than a lot of the long-snouted reptilian/dinosaurid Gorn out there. If I compare the Gorn to the Skekses of The Dark Crystal, Gortusk would have features of the Garthim Master, as seen below.Skekses

Yeah, I wish Cryptic would allow a bit more customization for Gorn characters. Some more palette choices would be good (four colors are a bit limiting), and maybe some skin patterns. Stripes or spots or something. Anything, really.

Gortusk is the largest male of his clutch (a non-canon source suggests Gorn female are the larger of the genders) and the bully among his siblings. He is also quite traditional Gorn in his outlook: bulldoze over a problem and let nothing stop him. But while he could rely on brute strengconanth for that, Gortusk is smart enough to understand technology is needed to bulldoze over intergalactic problems. He likes things big, heavy and indestructible to crush his enemies (and hear the lamentation of their women. Crom!), and hence he has pursued a career in engineering rather than tactical.

Gortusk served aboard the Gorn cruiser Sloroth as second officer and chief operations officer during the Klingon-Gorn war, which participated in seven major engagements. He eventually became Captain of the Sloroth, and was fighting on the front lines away from Gornar when the homeworld fell to a Klingon fleet. Like the rest of his people, Gortusk was shocked by the defeat, and the fact that the Hegemony is now a vassal state of the Klingon Empire. He only grudgingly agreed to be integrated into the Klingon Defense Force.


In the years since, Gortusk worked his way up to captain his own KDF vessel, and subsequently achieved the rank of general. For his single-minded ferocity in battle, Gortusk earned the respect of the Klingons, and in turn he learned to respect the Klingons’ warrior spirit. Be that as it may, Gortusk secretly resents the Klingon conquest of the Gorn, and has clandestinely assisted Gorn separatist movements.

For years General Gortusk has commanded the Bortas’qu War Cruiser/Matrok class battlecruiser, a juggernaut that epitomizes his philosophy — big, heavy, nigh-indestructible. Clocking in at over 103K Hull unbuffed, it is until recently the heavest ship among all my toons. Although its damage output doesn’t compare to R’Jal’s Scimitar the RRW Divine Wind, this ship is significantly more durable in battle.

However this has changed since last year: Gortusk has moved on to a new ship – the IKS Worldbreaker (same name as the Bortas’qu, actually), a captured Tholian Tarantula dreadnought that can pull threat in a way that the Bortas’qu never could. At 107k unbuffed hull, the Worldbreaker is heavier than the old Bortas’qu. It was originally built as a heavy tank, complete with a whole suite of Threat-amplifying Embassy consoles, Strategist Spec with Attrition Warfare, Reciprocity trait, Feedback Pulse/Improved FBP, and a bunch of heals. The recent Space Rebalancing nerfed Attrition Warfare and FBP, so it gimped the threat-tank concept quite a bit.  I am now trying to rebuild it around the Web Cannon and Beam Overloads, although the nerfing of Gravity Well I, which would be useful to cluster enemies for the slow-firing Web Cannon, has made even this difficult.

The new I.K.S. Worldbreaker, a Tholian Tarantula dreadnaught with a scaly skin condition.

I am also trying to buff up the ship’s PartGen since the Web Cannon damage scales with Aux power level and PartGen… not exactly easy since there are so many consoles competing for the limited number of slots, and ultimately the main focus of the ship is a FAW beamboat. I had to switch to Temporal Operative Spec for Gortusk just to jack up PartGen, and I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea to give up Intel Spec for that. Even so, PartGen currently only sits at 180-ish, which means it’s not taking full advantage of the Particle Manipulator trait; ideally I want to bring it as close to 250 as possible, but that would likely mean giving up too many consoles that I would rather keep.

The Worldbreaker’ command staff has undergone a fairly recent change as well, which in my headcanon is a result of Gortusk purging all Klingons from his senior staff. From a gameplay perspective all Space Boffs are either Romulan SRO’s or Nausicaan Pirates; the Gorn Boffs are for theme and serve only as Ground Boffs. That’s the real reason why there are no Klingon Boffs anymore.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-23Grigorch – Nausicaan male, First Officer. Nicknamed “The Predator”, a large alpha Nausicaan, Grigorch was head of a Nausicaan pirate clan who surrendered along with the Gorn at the end of the Klingon-Gorn war. An old comrade-in-arms of Gortusk’s, Grigorch was recruited when the Gorn gained his own command in the KDF, he now serves as the Worldbreaker’s First Officer and the “boss” of the Nausicaan contingent on board. Like Gortusk, Grigorch also longs for the day when the Nausicaans are no longer playing second fiddle to the Klingons.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-56Suke – Female Orion, Security and Assassin. A former Orion slave girl and a Syndicate assassin, Suke came under Gortusk’s command after an officer exchange program with an Orion ship. As Orion mammalian pheromones don’t work on reptilian Gorn, Gortusk is immune to Suke’s charms but keeps her on his command staff so that he can keep a close tab on Syndicate activites. For her part Suke leads a cadre of about a dozen Syndicate-aligned Orions on board, whom she uses to further her own agendas; she is concerned with Gortusk’s recent purge of all Klingon and Orion senior officers, and not exactly sure if she’ll be on the chopping block soon as well.


screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-50Nimmliv – Nausicaan male, Chief Science Officer. The mad scientist and doctor of the Worldbreaker, Nimmliv was previously second-in-command of Grigorch’s clan and (demented) brains of that operation. Despite his worrying nickname of “The Butcher”, Nimmliv is nonetheless a brilliant scientist who specializes in bioscience and cybernetics, and has an unhealthy fascination with both Borg and Undine technologies, often insisting on salvaging tech from wreckages to study and even experimenting on himself.


screenshot_2017-06-22-22-50-32Skyrx – Gorn male, Tactical Officer and Security Chief. A veteran Gorn soldier who fought on the ground during the Siege of Gornar, Skyrx is single-mindedly disciplined and professional. Often underestimated as someone who only follows orders without a single shred of original thought, Skyrx is in fact quite the brilliant ground-combat tactician with an instinctive grasp of small unit tactics, and surprisingly quick on the move (Lunge and Motion Accelerator). He shares Gortusk’s desire to see the Hegemony rise again, and remains the General’s most trusted lieutenant. While Skryx holds contempt for the Klingons, he also dislikes Grigorch and his Nausicaans for their unruliness and lack of discipline — with the possible exception of Torth.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-32Leig – Nausicaan male, Chief Operations Officer. A cousin of Grigorch’s and a competent engineer, Leig joined Grigorch’s pirate crew after the loss of his own ship. Belligerent and argumentative, Leig is nonetheless extremely loyal to Grigorch, reportedly after the alpha Nausicaan saved his hide in a skirmish with a Starfleet patrol, where Leig’s frigate was destroyed in the firefight. To this day Leig harbors a hatred for Starfleet; despite the official alliance signed between the Empire and the Federation, Leig takes every opportunity to insult Starfleet personnel, and is even known to perform acts of sabotage against Starfleet vessels when he can get away with it.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-39Torth – Nausicaan male, Chief Engineering Officer. He is remarkably composed for a Nausicaan, and an exceptional engineer to boot. The reason for his calm demeanor is that Torth is fascinated with Vulcan ideology and its strict adherence to logic; he even tries to convince others he is half-Vulcan (a claim that no one takes seriously). For the most part Torth seems to enjoy being the “voice of reason” among his Nausicaan brethren, but most of them just see his behavior as odd. He is also fond of the Vulcan quote “The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few”, and will send underlings into dangerous situations without a second thought.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-13Milloj – Romulan male, Tactical, Subcommander, Tal Shiar defector. Milloj originally served aboard the Star Navy D’deridex-class warbird Terix as chief tactical officer; the Terix defected to the Republic but the latter had grave reservations regarding possible war crimes committed by her command staff. Instead of integrating them into the new Republic navy, Milloj and his cadre were “exchanged” with the KDF and posted on board the Worldbreaker. Although privately disgusted by the harsh, hostile conditions on the Imperial vessel, Milloj is also fascinated by the violent politics going on. Milloj has an instinctive and exceptional grasp on ship tactics, so much so that Gortusk has promoted him to be ship’s chief Tactical Officer in place of his predecessor, the Lethean Ckragg.

screenshot_2017-06-22-22-41-06Ayel – Romulan (?) male, tactical. Milloj’s chief tactical assistant, who has taken to wearing a full helm and mask at all times, said to hide his many scars. It is rumored that Ayel is either in fact a notorious Tal Shiar agent who needs to hide his face, or that he is not a Romulan at all, but rather a Vaadwaur who was harbored by the Tal Shiar, and now masquerading as a Romulan. Either way there are quite a bit of rumor and suspicion around Ayel, a situation that he seems not to mind at all.


screenshot_2017-06-22-22-40-34Thith – Gorn helmsman. One of the less common subspecies of the Gorn (the TOS version), Thith is an experienced marine with an unusual interest in xenobiology, and styles himself as something of a first-contact expert. Unfortunately his fearsome appearance tends to work against him in those situations; most aliens run away in fear when he smiles and shows off his razor-sharp teeth.


screenshot_2017-06-22-22-40-59Zauriss – Gorn marine. Fearless, fierce, vicious, Zauriss is a known maneater — he has a disturbing taste for humanoid flesh, rumored to be a result of his preference for bite attacks. He is extraordinarily eager for battle, which is why he is frequently assigned to away missions, and is often treated as an extraordinarily large attack dog to be unleashed upon the enemy.


K’Gar and Kanahas – Two senior Klingon officers who were present throughout Gortusk’s leveling process, but no longer among the crew, K’Gar (K’Gan) was originally assigned as Gortusk’s First Officer, while Kanahas was an old KHG veteran who served as the ship’s Chief Operations Officer. Along with Suke, K’Gar and Kanahas led the Klingon/Orion bloc that opposed Gortusk’s Gorn/Nausicaan/Lethean contingent. Three years ago K’Gar was butchered in a duel after accusing Gortusk of harboring Gorn separatists; Kanahas remained as the only Klingon within the command staff, but died in battle during the Iconian War and was replaced by the Nausicaan Leig.

So there you have it!


4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight – General Gortusk

  1. Wow… I never realized how bland my characters are. I don’t think they have any depth to them beyond “Fed Eng, Kdf Tac.” I do have one toon that refuses to join a fleet, but that was mainly to develop budget build ideas to pass on to newer people that might be overwhelmed with stos end game.

    I might have to flesh out my characters a bit…..

    I have to ask: Do you use the Captains’ Log function in game?

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