Kobayashi Maru Event

Here is an announcement of the Kobayashi Maru Event, coming this weekend (June 27 to July 3).

This is the Kobayashi Maru… nineteen periods out of Altair Six. We have struck a gravitic mine and have lost all power…our hull is penetrated and we have sustained many casualties.

Prepare to face the most infamous Starfleet test! The Kobayashi Maru, the “original no-win scenario,” comes to _Star Trek Online _as a limited-time challenge for your captains. How long can you hold out against ambushing enemy ships? Can you keep the _Kobayashi Maru _intact while facing down waves of hostile attackers and space hazards? What would Kirk do?

The Kobayashi Maru event will come in two forms: timed and untimed. In each case, you will fight to keep the freighter intact while destroying successive rounds of enemies who will become more and more dangerous as the simulation continues. The longer you last, the greater your rewards! Once everyone on your team is defeated at the same time – or when the timer runs out, if you’re playing the timed version – the mission ends. The mission also ends if the _Kobayashi Maru _is destroyed.

Participating in the _Kobayashi Maru _event will give you a choice of marks, and if you survive for a significant amount of time you’ll also earn bonus dilithium ore. Playing the _Kobayashi Maru _for at least three days out of the event’s duration will also unlock special limited-time rewards for you: the Prolonged Engagement Phaser Beam Array and Prolonged Engagement Phaser Dual Cannons, which are both energy weapons that become stronger the longer that your ship is in combat.

The _Kobayashi Maru _event will run on PC starting on June 29 at 10 AM PST through July 3 at 10 AM PST. The queue is available to all captains of level 50+.

Jesse Heinig

Staff Game Designer

Cryptic Studios

Looks like this is a new, limited-time queue, like that Klingon training ground queue that I completely skipped (I think I was distracted by Guild Wars 2 during that time). The Kobayashi Maru itself is a newly designed model by Thomas Marrone, and looks kinda like it’s some funky Miranda variant? I vaguely recall that the Kobayashi Maru was originally called “a civilian freighter”, not a Starfleet vessel, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here…

Anyway, this may be one of those rare cases where a healboat might come in handy, y’know? The reward also looks to be account-wide unlock, which is great. Looking forward to winning the No-Win Scenario!


19 thoughts on “Kobayashi Maru Event

  1. Very interesting. And re the Kobayashi Maru design, there’ve been so many designs of it shown both on and off screen that I don’t think anyone really knows what it’s supposed to look like.

    This one actually looks OK, but since Kirk did the Kobayashi Maru scenario back in the Original Series era, I feel that it should look consistent with that period and not like the later refit (with the newer Miranda-like warp nacelles).

    The hull number shown there is ECS-1022, which I’ve never seen before so I don’t know what it means (their registry number system was never explained either). Still, this event could be fun.

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    1. Oh since I so rarely see you in-game now, I should ask a question here about the Fleet situation. I’m kinda stuck not able to buy stuff from fleet holdings right now, because you guys have that crazy rank 5 requirement. is there anything you can do about that?


      1. If you’re on tonight, I can let you into the fleet store so you can buy whatever you need. Feel free to ask me or any of the other fleet admirals (whoever’s on) and we can open it for you.

        We had to create that crazy rank 5 requirement because long story short, we’ve had people join the fleet just to buy up all our provisioned items and (in effect) rob us blind in the past. So to prevent that and give everyone a fair chance at being able to buy whatever items they want, we made that rule.

        It sucks and we wish we didn’t have to do it that way. Unfortunately we’ve had people take advantage of our generosity before, and we want to prevent that happening again. So yeah, this is basically why we can’t have nice things. 😦


      2. I’ve never looked into how fleets and provisioned items work, but I’m just trying to buy an Embassy Boff for Admiral Brown, and I don’t know if that requires any sort of provisioning.


  2. I liked the arena of sompek, so this should be good for a change of pace. Also really glad these are weekend events and not the usual 14 day death marches. Good or bad, it won’t be overstaying its welcome.

    I do hope it’s a bit more PUG-able than sompek. I think the highest round I ever got to was 50 something and it took forever. A lot of the pugs would just stop after the minimum round they needed for credit and go stand in a corner/stay dead until it ended. That or stay out in the open during the lightning round, and/or not bring or use heals of any kind.

    Kinda wish they had a setting for PUGs now. When you queue up you could check the box for “gonna do my best!” or “minimal effort/practically afking this bitch”. Match with like players and everyone is happy.

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    1. If it’s too much effort for people to play, it’s too much effort for them to click a box! Haha.

      And Sompek, I actually never played it thanks to GW2 at the time. No idea what it’s about at all.

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      1. It’d be a beautiful thing though! Tryhards with tryhards, goldbrickers with other goldbrickers. Then pugs could AFK mirror invasion, do minimal sompek rounds, shortcut the Breach, blow all the optionals in Advanced queues, etc and there’d be no hard feelings.

        Sompek was just basic survival mode against waves of enemies on a small arena map. One round it would be Undine, the next Tzenkethi, etc. The one that usually wiped the team was the Romulans with the ridiculous “aggressively scaling” hyperonic radiation.

        Oh and there were lightning rounds. Every few seconds you’d be targeted by lightning strikes that’d one shot you if you didn’t move (or stay under cover). They’d also electrify the shallow pool of water in the center of the map for a bit.

        Aaand, that was about it. If everyone on the team was dead at the same time, game over. Simple and fun for a little while.


      2. Eh, sounds like a 3 day event is perfect for it. Can you imagine doing it for 14 days?

        Also, I am pretty sure electrocuting people wasn’t the original intent of ” lightning rounds”.


    2. I like that idea, for PUG settings. It would give us a better chance at getting into a good PUG where everyone’s pulling their weight and we can actually get it done.


  3. Ahh PUGs…. What a wonderful experience they can be. You could almost play Bingo:
    ” Let’s see, DPS try hard… Check. Rainbow build….. Check. First time ever doing advanced content……check. Annnnnnd the chat spamming rager..BINGO!”

    That being said, PUGs really force you to play your best. Performing well regardless of team comp is what defines a successfully build for me. This entails balancing survivability, DPS, and CC in just the right amounts to ensure success. It’s a fun mental task as far as shipbuilding goes.

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      1. This is very true, but odds are there will be at least 1 other skilled player and another who isn’t bad, just more “casual”. But like you said, sometimes you can’t carry solo! I also try to stick to more popular queues for this reason. Hopefully I will have a character “elite ready” soon so I can start teaming up without being paranoid I’m brining the team down!


  4. The design is based on the only canon iteration of the Kobayashi Maru we actually see, which is from Star Trek (2009). I took that design and re-styled it to be appropriate for the “prime” timeline. (http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/USS_Kobayashi_Maru)

    One thing to remember that this simulation is not the same simulation that Kirk would have taken, as Starfleet must update it from time to time (it wouldn’t make sense for 25th century cadets to be using a 23rd century bridge, for example.) So I felt that the TMP-era ship made sense as the iconic ship for STO’s timeframe and was also an homage to the fact that the Kobayashi Maru first appeared in The Wrath of Khan.

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    1. Hey look it’s Thomas!

      Someone on Reddit said something like that, which is the Kobayashi Maru should look TOS vintage, and my immediate thought was similar to your explanation here (I. E. This is a simulation and not the real thing). The example I was going to use is a modern day naval exercise simulating the Battle of Midway wouldn’t be using WW2 vintage carriers and Zero fighters as aggressors. You would take the basic scenario and update it with modern equipment!

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      1. Yup. The fact that the bridge simulator in TWOK was the modern Enterprise refit bridge shows that the scenario must be periodically updated, since it was around when Kirk was a cadet, and certainly couldn’t have used the same bridge back then too.

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      2. Honestly I never did get a good look at the Kelvin Kobayashi Maru, so this Miranda variant caught me a little by surprise. I think I’m preconditioned to think the Tuffli or the J-type freighters from Enterprise, whenever I hear “civialian freighter”.

        That said this look also makes sense, in that since Miranda is such a widely produced and old spaceframe, you can easily imagine there are a large number of surplus hulls that have been converted to civilian duty… and you’d end up with this!

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  5. And Heidy, re that embassy boff you’d like to get, I’ll be on tonight after I get off work, so if you’re on I’ll be happy to open up the fleet store for you. Just let me know and I’ll meet you over at the fleet embassy.


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