Kobayashi Maru Event – Now in Play!

The Kobayashi Maru Event is here! Remember, this only goes from June 29 through July 3, and you need to run this once a day with just one toon to reap the rewards. It’s a limited time offer so better get started on this.

Now, even though it’s a short, limited time event, this is one of those queues that can really benefit from some forewarning and preparation. There are two versions of this queue: Timed and Untimed. The former is a fixed 15 minute run, while the latter will just keep going until the Maru is dead or the team is wiped; completing either will give the daily token. The premise is known to any Star Trek fan: the freighter Kobayashi Maru has lost all power in the Neutral Zone, and you need to defend it against an enemy ambush. There, sounds simple enough?

The initial feedbacks have generally been negative. The most common complaints are:

  • The enemies are too hard (especially the Vaadwaur, Heralds and Tzenkethi).
  • The Maru dies too easily and heals used on it are debuffed by the later rounds.
  • For a ship that has lost all power, the Maru does fly around a lot…. and very fast. Usually straight into clusters of enemies. This makes the Maru extremely difficult to babysit.
  • Game Lag seems to be a common complaint. I haven’t noticed this personally, which is odd since I ALWAYS get hit by lag.

I did a run last night with Novin and Fungi, along with two PUGGERs. It was a Timed run and it went surprisingly well for us. Granted, both Novin and Fungi had done a run each earlier in the day, so they already had a taste of things and clued me in. See, initially I was planning to do this with one of my heavy tanks (i.e. either Admiral Brown’s Vengeance or Gortusk’s Tarantula), but after getting a preview I decided to stick with Heidy’s Nautilus. Both Novin and Fungi were flying tanks, so to complement them I did a few tweaks to Heidy’s ship. The mixed-team arrangement worked nicely — we managed to clear 14 rounds in 15 minutes, and got our rewards.

So what worked for us? I think a few things:

  • Having a couple of dedicated tanks/healers to babysit the Maru is critical. That was Novin’s job and he did it very well, but I noticed one of the PUGGERs who flew an Eternal was also staying pretty close to the Maru. Having that redundancy is very helpful.
  • For Heidy’s ship, I stripped out all the single-target damage dealers (i.e. most of the Temporal powers) and replaced them with either AOE attacks or more critically, Control abilities. GW3 was extremely useful, but also Scramble Sensors — especially against the big boss ships. At one stage I GW’d two (yes, two!) Herald Iaidon dreadnoughts together then hit them with Scramble Sensors — it was glorious to see them pounding on each other! I also slotted Tractor Beam Repulsors but honestly I don’t know how effective that was; if the Maru were to stay put in one spot I can see using TBR to push away enemies, but with the Maru dashing around it’s kinda pointless.

All in all, this has been an interesting experiment. While a lot of players hate it, I like the fact that you shouldn’t just take a build tuned specifically to ISA, and expect it to work flawlessly here without adjustment. ISA should not be the one-and-only, be-all-and-end-all measure of how good a ship build is, because as this queue shows, different mission parameters require different builds.

Edit to Add Helpful Tip: Before the run starts, select the Kobayashi Maru and “Select Focus”. That way you at least know its approximate location and the status of her shields/hull.



8 thoughts on “Kobayashi Maru Event – Now in Play!

  1. I read on Reddit yesterday that the Protomatter Field Projector (the Lukari ship’s console) is particularly effective re: healing the KM. So I took a mixed control-and-heal build into my so far only run, to OK results. The lag was killer though.

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    1. Oh that’s right! Forgot to mention that, thanks for the reminder.

      I haven’t tested that myself, since I couldn’t fit the Protomatter Field Projector console on my Sci boat… and in any case I wasn’t the dedicated healer. When we run it again tonight I’ll ask one of my tank friends to see if they can test it out.

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      1. I had the Protomatter console equipped for that run on the Deihu Command Battlecruiser. The CD is 2 minutes, but when Novin was EMP probed to death and the Maru was down to 25% I managed to get the protomatter field on it before it died. Does work like a charm, massively boosting any heals put on it.

        Not sure if I like the event at all (Sompek was better). If you draw a bad combo at random, you’re done. There also tends to be so much crap flying around at once it’s difficult to tell what’s actually going on. It just turns into a mess of light and sound where you hope you’re doing something useful and haven’t completely lost track of the Maru.

        Also, the Acceleration affix is garbage. :/

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      2. Oh well maybe that was your Protomatter thingie then! Because I did see the Maru going down fast right after Novin bit it, and as I was heading back towards it I noticed its hull jumped massively… didn’t know what caused it.

        We did another run later on when Kip came on… that one didn’t go well. We got a Tzenkethi round followed immediately by a Herald one, and three Vonphs warped in on top of me. Killed me dead in like 3 seconds and the Maru literally a second later.

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  2. Another thing I noticed in my brief little run last night was that the Kobayashi Maru tends to run after things and attack them. But I thought it was supposed to be disabled because it had hit a mine or something. At any rate it’s highly annoying when you keep throwing heals on it and it keeps insisting on attacking enemies (who are already trying to kill it) and pulling even more aggro onto itself.


    1. Yep, and that part makes little sense in the context of the exercise. It’s supposed to be a disabled freighter! It’s supposed to sit there and be defended. That would at least allow us to figure out some strategies, set up Biomolecular Shields, Rally Points, Turrets, Defense Platforms and so on. I’m not sure whether the current design is intentional, or if it’s just a really bad bug.

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      1. Exactly, especially since in the intro the Kobayashi Maru’s crew’s distress call explicitly stated that they had hit a gravitic mine and were disabled.


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