Demorecord Screenshots

In case you don’t know what Demorecord is, it’s a built-in add-on application within Star Trek Online that allows you to record gameplay as video clips. The details are here. There is also a Reddit thread that explains how to use it, which is very helpful because like most things in STO, the game itself doesn’t actually explain it!

So what’s so great about it? Wellllll, glad you ask. I love watching recordings of gameplay: it lets me look more closely at what happened during a game, because I was certainly too busy playing and missed a lot of stuff. Better yet, this lets me move around the battlefield and see the action from different angles and perspectives…. like in a movie! Some players are masters of Demorecord, and they make some truly impressive cinematic videos with this tool.

Another good use of Demorecord is to take great screenshots. Fungi has been playing with it in the last few days and sent me some excellent shots, so I thought I’ll show off some of his photography skills. Oh I think I’m keeping some of them for future posts, so this is just a sample showcase of what can be done with the tool.

T’Leia in a Defiant and Darling in the Yamato. Neither of these are their default rides but we thought they’re more iconic, and look better together.
T’Leia and Darling on the ground, rocking some 23rd Century Red Shirts and miniskirts. Good times!
In-flight shot of the U.S.S. Kirin. Nothing fancy, but still very cinematic.
Admiral R’Jal and Lesa (who, we think, is his daughter… except this time it’s legitimate) looking ominous while infiltrating a Borg Cube. Whatever are the sneaky Romulans up to?
Boom! Goes a Borg Cube. Now this is a cool action shot. I think that’s a Deleth (or some variant of it) that Lesa is flying on the right; to the left is Admiral R’Jal’s Scimitar, R.R.W. Divine Wind.

Looking at these, I think I’ll have to learn how to edit Demorecord videos myself. These are far and away better than the static screenshots I get while playing!


4 thoughts on “Demorecord Screenshots

  1. One thing that’s helpful if you’re taking screenshots in demorecord is the command ‘timestepscale #’. Hit pause, ~ to drop the input down and enter ‘timestepscale 0.1’, and the playback will start again only at 10% normal speed. Makes it easier to pause at interesting moments during action scenes to get a cool shot lined up.

    Also, some particle effects disappear if you move the camera off them. Certain engine trails, explosions, etc. Be careful if you’re freecam’ing around!

    Last thing, you can turn off shield facing indicators in game preferences so they won’t appear in the demo either. Which is good, cause they look awful. Saves a bit of fiddling to get rid of them that way.

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    1. I turned those awful shield rings off two years ago. Wish we can turn off all the other awful visual effects that ruin screenshots but otherwise serve no real function in-game. I know I don’t need a gigantic, red “Beta” marker on my ship when I activate Attack Pattern Beta.


      1. Yeah. I wish those were more relegated to the realm of UI and only “real” effects appeared. It’s not like most of them are particularly informative, remember how hard it was to figure out what was causing the double blue lines on your scimitar? XD

        That or they could do a cinematic mode setting which suppressed all that stuff, and you could turn it back on for… PvP? lol.


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