It’s a Trap! Flying the Mon Calamari MC80…

….. I mean the Vorgon Ryn’kodan carrier, has arrived! After a 25-day wait (albeit minimal grinding effort on Risa), me and most of the playerbase are now in possession of the Fish Ship.

Cryptic published the ship’s stats right at the start of the Summer event, so we all know what to expect from this baby. It’s a hefty, slow engineering 2-bay carrier, which means the Ryn’kodan won’t be very popular and we probably won’t see too many of them flying around after a few weeks. Right now though? They’re fresh off the grill and they’re EVERYWHERE! The night I got the ship I was in Qo’nos orbit and there was a fleet of 7 of us. It was glorious!

I had planned to move Nessi (a young toon, KDF Science) to this ship, away from the highly-capable but also highly-unappealing Eternal, and I did just that albeit with a complete skill tree respec. Even though Nessi was meant to be the KDF counterpart to Heidy, I’ve since come to the realization that to build another Science toon to the same level of competitiveness as Heidy requires massive expenses, time and effort…. so it’s better to find her a less demanding role.


Now Nessi is young and very much resources-strapped; I made a half-hearted push for her over the long weekend, and got her a bit closer to a “beginner-endgame” level. The biggest problem with Nessi is the fact that I’ve been slowly getting a set of Antiproton weapons and consoles for her (first of my toon to use Antiproton), and the Ryn’kodan favors a Tetryon build. She’s too far along with the Antiproton theme now to switch to Tetryon, but if you are planning a new build, keep the Tetryon in mind!

Otherwise I’ve just thrown on the Kobali set, and various universal consoles that I have easy access to. I’ve left off the native Subphasic Defense Drone console, since it’s a drone that only lasts 20 seconds, does some lord-knows-how-effective stuff, and has a 2 minute CD. Instead I’ve slotted the Xyfius’ Harasser Probes since those last until they’re destroyed – I have no idea how sturdy they are, but if I see they die quickly I’ll remove it as well. Note also that the Harasser Probe console boosts Tetryon damage; the two-console set boosts Tetryon again (see?), and torpedo/mine damage, none of which is on Nessi’s build, so I’m okay with having none of those.

I.K.S. Sh’val, the flying Cucumber Fish-Ship.

The Ryn’kodan itself is surprisingly sturdy though; at base hull of 65K, this thing has the highest hull strength of any ship in-game. To put this in perspective, the massive (and massively ugly) Enterprise-J has 62K, and the Vengeance has 60.8K. I don’t know why it’s so tough, but I’m not complaining! It also has the much coveted dual LtC. Tac and LtC. Sci Boff seats, a rare arrangement that allows for very versatile builds. The 3-Tac/5-Eng/3-Sci console layout is decent if not the greatest, but it is appropriate for the ship. This ship is a top-tier two-bay carrier, and the only drawback is the fact that it’s not a Dreadnought Carrier — which limits it to 6 weapons instead of 7. What I couldn’t tell so far is how effective the Echentis frigates are; this is partly my own fault as I replaced one with Nausicaan Stingers, so further testing is needed. I do know that they are very durable, as they have survived both Crystalline Entity’s blasts in Advanced CCA runs, without explicitly healed in between. But as far as inflicting damage is concerned? So far I don’t see them doing a whole lot.

At the end of the day I just love the look of this ship, and it doesn’t hurt that it has a full choice of colors for the hull. Customizing the colors is a bit tricky though, as the two color choices don’t just apply to certain parts of the hull, but interact with each other to arrive at the final look. Make sure you experiment with these!



2 thoughts on “It’s a Trap! Flying the Mon Calamari MC80…

  1. I have that ship too, but just haven’t gotten around to actually using it yet. I do like what I’ve seen and heard about it this far, tho.


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