Character Spotlight: Kala Kendris

I have mentioned my Bajoran toon Kala Kendris a few times in the past, although I have tweaked her appearance and backstory quite a bit since then (she is no longer a Wonder Woman surrogate). She is a Federation Engineer (the original intend was to round out my main Fed toons: Heidy is a Sci, T’Leia a Tac, and Kala is the Eng), but has been overshadowed a bit by Admiral Brown. That said she is at the endgame point even though her build isn’t completely optimized, and she is lacking some crucial pieces of gear and traits etc.

Her in-game bio reads:

screenshot_2017-07-14-23-27-36“Born after the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Kala Kendris only learned to hate the Cardassians after discovering that her mother was forced to serve as a comfort woman on Terok Nor during the Occupation. Naturally athletic and deeply religious, Kala joined the Bajoran Militia at a relatively young age and served aboard a patrol raider for five years, where she came into regular conflict with True Way terrorists. She joined Starfleet initially as an exchange officer, but went on to enroll in the Academy and subsequently earned a commission in Starfleet. Her early Starfleet career was unremarkable, mainly undertaking missions within Federation borders, until exemplary actions aboard the U.S.S. Castile defending Bajor during the True Way incursion and the subsequent Iconian War rocketed her through the ranks.”

What the bio doesn’t talk about is her personality. Because of her service with the Bajoran Militia prior to attending Starfleet Academy, Kala has more of a military mindset than most of her classmates. She is confident of her abilities and just a bit cocky, headstrong and ballsy, more fighter than strategist – definitely more Kirk than Picard – yet at the same time, being a soldier she is more inclined to follow the chain of command than, say, someone like Heidy. Her combat experiences with the Bajoran Militia served her well during the True Way and Iconian conflicts, which ultimately earned her her very own command.

Oh, she’s also sexy in a buff, athletic and dyke-y sort of way — she’s tall, broad-shouldered, and fairly well-muscled (but no she doesn’t chew on tobacco nor does she have chest hair). In fact, during the summer event Kala got a bit of attention from two or three gals, who were PMing me about whether she’s… into… women. Woof! Not that I don’t appreciate the fact that my character customization channels the lesbian-dyke-stereotype so effectively, but that wasn’t something I thought about so my response was “Sure, why not?”. It’s an interesting twist on the character regardless, even though it’s not something I’ll include in her in-game bio… that sort of thing just might attract the wrong kind of attention.

Kala now flies the T6 Endeavor class cruiser USS Pallas Athena-B, and holds a rank of Captain, rather than Fleet Admiral. During her long, drawn-out leveling process, she flew the Ambassador-class cruiser USS Castile between levels 40-60; because she earned most of her early levels through Doff assignments, that part of her history is reflected in the bio that her initial Starfleet career was undistinguished. Kala moved to a T5 Oddy some time after level 60, which was the first ship to bear the name “Pallas Athena” and that was about the time she started the DS9 story arc. When Delta Rising came along the ship got upgraded to a T5U and thus became the Pallas Athena-A; subsequently that was replaced by a T6 Oddy (B-designation), which in my head-canon was a refit as a result of damage sustained at the Battle of Sol. Before the T6 Oddy became available, for a while she flew a Presidio CBC “Argus Panoptes”; I explained that as the time after the Pallas Athena-A was damaged and undergoing refit to the B, and Kala’s crew was temporarily assigned to commission a new ship for Starfleet.


The Pallas Athena is primarily polaron-themed, a legacy of Kala’s use of Jem’hadar gear which sets the direction of all her subsequent gear purchases. It sits at 102k hull and 16k shields at rest, and has proved to be a fairly sturdy tanking platform. It has the hard hitting Neutronic torpedo mounted forward, which does work as a set with Polaron weapons; the only issue is current meta doesn’t favor mixing beams and torpedoes, as they don’t share firing arcs. I do find I am constantly turning with this ship, firing my torpedoes on the approach then quickly turning to broadside. Ironically the long reload time of the Neutronic torpedo allows me to fly this way; by the time the torpedo is ready to go again I would have swung back from a broadside into a front attack position. Still, you can imagine it’s not the most efficient way of fighting.

Kala’s Boff composition wasn’t planned out like Heidy’s ensemble cast and Congilla’s all-Ape crew, and is very much a hodge-podge cast of misfits (i.e. whatever Boffs I managed to snag for cheap, or handed out as mission rewards/leveling rewards)… you can see some of them in the title screenshot.

Although I haven’t put as much focus in developing Kala lately, the Odyssey is still one of my favorite STO designs and I never get sick of flying it. Whenever someone talks about getting a ship beauty shot, this is always the first ship to come to mind for me. Even though she isn’t properly optimized, the Pallas Athena is still very capable and I can take her into most STFs without too much worry (Elites notwithstanding), so don’t be surprised to see Kala out and about still!


One thought on “Character Spotlight: Kala Kendris

  1. I always enjoy reading your background stories for your characters. They’d be great additions to the Star Trek universe. 🙂


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