Character Spotlight – Salassa

Here is a quick spotlight piece on one of my secondary toons, the Klingon Engineering Captain Salassa, who was created as a Klingon-side Delta Recruit. In a sense, she is the opposite number to Zdrossk.

Her bio:

Salassa is the youngest of Ku’doc’s three children, of the House of Korinth. Korinth is a lesser house, a vassal and distant relation of the Great House of Korath, known for producing loyal soldiers rather than generals. Ku’doc is the head of the House, but he is on constant guard against the ambitions of his two brothers and their respective families. Much to Ku’doc’s chagrin, his oldest child and only son Kersk died in a duel of honor; lacking a male heir, Ku’doc expected much of his two daughters, Vokme and Salassa. As such, Salassa grew up trying to please her father and is therefore fiercely competitive.


Having witnessed her brother’s senseless death, Salassa sought to gain honor through building the Empire rather than endless fighting; hence she enlisted in the Klingon Academy and pursued an engineering vocation. She served aboard a Bird of Prey during the Klingon-Gorn war and the subsequent clash with the Federation. During the Hromi evacuations and ground actions, Salassa was stranded on one of the colonies with a human Starfleet officer (currently unnamed for future story purposes); the pair spent five days together surviving the hostile wilderness before rescued by their respective sides, but the ordeal granted them understanding, and a grudging respect for each other’s cultures.

Salassa was later reassigned to the battlecruiser ‘Qa (Klingon for “Savage”), where she gradually worked her way to be chief engineer. After her captain died in battle against an Undine boarding party, Salassa assumed command and successfully repelled the aliens. She has since retained command of the vessel.

Recently back home, Ku’doc announced that he found a bastard son by the name of J’rath, and decided to bring the young man home to legitimize as his heir. Ku’doc’s brothers predictably objected, but so did Vokme and her mate Todaq, who had married into the House. The family became so divided, that Salassa was forced to return home and publicly support her father to avoid a full-scale feud from erupting. Because of the choice she made, Salassa now finds herself at odds with her own immediate family.

Vokme was originally Fungi’s Delta Recruit toon, but she was ditched early on and was replaced by a different gal (Lesa I think?). I kept the original sisters reference and tweaked Vokme around to fit into Salassa’s background, so in a sense she lives on!

Salassa is a Captain in-game, not a Dahar Master or Empress or anything ridiculous like that. She flies a Fleet Kurak-class (but with Mogh-class stylings) battlecruiser, which is quite a capable ship despite the fact that Salassa isn’t one of my main toons and doesn’t receive a ton of resources — I think the I.K.S. ‘Qa was my first non-main-toon ship to have solo’ed a Borg Red Alert (back when you were allowed to solo a Borg RA)! Still, being a Delta Recruit she did receive boosts and bonuses along the way so she was better off than a normal toon. The ‘Qa runs a mixed disruptor-torpedo build, meaning that she is my only toon who can take full advantage of the Entoiled Technology set. She is also eagerly waiting to get the Omni-directional Disruptor Beam weapon that will be rewarded in Week 3 of the Feature Episode: Brushfire. Finally, some disruptor love by Cryptic!


The I.K.S. ‘Qa has mostly endgame gear (still waiting for an Upgrade event to bring her remaining gear to Mk XIV), but no optimal sets, no high-end traits, and mainly just a bridge full of Nausicaan, Orion and Jem’hadar BOffs. If you’ve read my previous character spotlight entries, you’ll know that I flesh out the BOffs individually for my core toons. In Salassa’s case, the BOffs are just nameless extras. Technically, no self-respecting daughter of the Empire would fly with such pirate scum! Best not to dwell on that too much. In any event it will take a bit of effort and resources to bring Salassa up to the level of my main toons; she is somewhat behind Kala Kendris in terms of gear and traits, but anecdotally it feels like she performs just as well. I think that’s a testament to how effective the Kurak (and Arbiter) is as a warship.

Salassa is my attempt to have a “standard” Klingon KDF toon, the equivalent of Heidy (human) or T’Leia (Vulcan) as “standard” Federation toons. While the Lizard and the Ape are my KDF mains in terms of development, they’re ultimately not Klingon and sometimes the Klingon mission dialogs don’t suit them at all (Believe me when I say neither Gortusk nor Congilla cares much about honor or Sto’vo’kor or any of that BS). Playing Salassa through the Klingon story arc felt authentic for a change, so just having a proper Klingon toon feels… complete. If I ever do any sort of roleplay in STO on the KDF side, Salassa would be the one I play.



4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight – Salassa

  1. Another great piece of your writing and character development. More of this, please. 🙂

    And you’re right; it is more satisfying to play the KDF missions as a real, legit Klingon. They don’t seem fitting story- or culture-wise if your character is of a different, non-Klingon race.

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  2. Salassa looks pretty good, but Vokme! I really wanted to like her, but gah, the klingon hair is so atrocious and it’s hard to do proper klingon ugly-hot with the emotionless repurposed human faces you get. Most of the costumes look so low res now too. It really stands out in the new Bushfire mission when you have the highly detailed Tzenkethi and the old Torg mobs side by side. Or even Martok and Rodek next to them.

    They were getting some updates there for a while and that was great. I wish they’d give them a good pass and make them look more decent. Dump that bortasqu junk and make something more honor guard or DS9 era black and silver-like. And a color palette that has at least as many selections as the fed. I mean wth, guys. Klingons aren’t allowed to use green?

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    1. The KDF side definitely needs more color variety – not just for their costumes, but their ships as well. For the most part they are murky browns and grays, and even if you knock the bortasqu uniforms, they are one of the rare ones that allow you to use true blacks. But it’s true, KDF costume choices are kinda lacking compared to the Feds.

      I also don’t quite remember what Vokme looks like, except she has dark hair and was taller than Salassa.


      1. She had a distracting amount of forehead.

        The other problem with the Bortasqu gear and a lot of the older stuff is that it has a strong brown tint on it, so even the black ends up brownish and pure white, or any other light color is impossible. It kinda ruins a lot of otherwise alright stuff, like the Klingon academy outfit.

        Worse still, when you get a cross faction lobi outfit and they’ve keyed it to the KDF standard colors. So the Feds get nice colors and the KDF get blood, crap, vomit and black. Awesome. That was pretty heartbreaking on my KDF alien with the Jem’Hadar uniform.

        You’re right about the ships too. The newer skin, the near black one, is so dark that none of the hull patterns make much of a difference on it.

        I don’t mind a lack of stuff compared to the Feds, c’est la vie, but make the fews things KDF do have a bit more versatile and equal quality. And please, add some proper green and purple to the palette, there’s more than Klingons in the KDF.

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