Season 14 Incoming…

Just as we thought, there are some STO reveals coming out of the Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Not a whole lot of information just yet, but Season 14 is going to coincide with the Next Generation 30th Anniversary, so everyone has been expecting a big TNG-era focus. And what’s been shown so far kinda confirms it.

See that title image? Yes! We get Geordi Laforge! That’s the first TNG cast member since Worf. If only we can get Data along with him, things will be perfect.

Also we’re getting gems like this:


My god, that’s just beautiful.

simplicity-startrek-costumes-pattern-100001-av2aIn addition, everyone gets a skant and a Type-7 shuttle? I’d never say no to free stuff! But honestly I don’t know why everyone wants a skant so badly. Who actually wants to wear this fashion faux pas? IN SPACE?!! Like Red Dwarf says, IT’S FRIGGING COLD OUTSIDE.

You know what, I bet this was an insidious plan by those shifty Cardassian tailors to undermine Starfleet. Design a uniform that freeze out (or breeze out) Starfleet officers’ nether regions, and the Federation will ultimate fall. Yeah, that is a pretty insidious plan.

So what’s Season 14 about? It sounds like the title is “Victory is Life”. Huh, whatever does that mean, I wonder?

Not exactly a shocking surprise, given that they’ve namedropped the Dominion in the latest Brushfire episode, and included a Jem’hadar NPC. Still, it’s great to see some focus put on the Dominion and the Gamma Quadrant!

This still leaves a bit of an intriguing question though: Season 14 is coming out in October, but in the video they said “Victory is Life” is coming out in Summer 2018. So wait, are they not the same thing? What’s in Season 14 then? More importantly, what’s coming out in Summer 2018? Is it going to be X4 — the 4th Expansion focused on the Dominion?

Oh my. This can be interesting.

Hopefully there will be more clarifications in the next few days!


One thought on “Season 14 Incoming…

  1. Damn. I wish I could go to Vegas for that convention. I’ve never been to a Trek convention before.

    I like the focus on TNG; it makes sense as the 30th anniversary of it approaches. But I’ll have to pass on the skant.


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