Big Ships, Little Ships (Random Ideas)

Have you sat in ESD orbit and checked other player ships around you? I do that a lot. And when you check them, the only ship information you get are the ship’s name, ship class (when it’s displayed correctly) and its hull value. While hull value is hardly the end-all-be-all stat, it does give you a rough idea of how tough that ship is.

In my experience, the average cruiser probably ranges from 75K to 95K in hull strength, with some outlyers that exceed 100k. I’m not sure what changed, but in the last few days I have noticed more and more super-heavy ships; I spotted four ships that were in the 125K+ range, and one extreme case at 185k — a Voth Bulwark.

185k??? WTF???

I paged that player about it and he was kind enough to show me all the Epic hull-boosting gear he has on. It does make me wonder how much he’s sacrificed to gain that much hull though. But when I look at my lightest ship (T’Leia’s Mercury=46k, Heidy’s Nautilus=56k), I can’t help but think it makes sense for a bulky cruiser like the Bulwark to have four times the hull strength. I mean heck, my two ships look like shuttle craft next to the Bulwark!

Many players have proposed ideas on how to better differentiate big cruisers and small escorts, and I’m no different. The big cruisers really should be able to take a lot more punishment than they currently can! But how to make each class even more different? Here are some of my random ideas.

Cruisers – A cruiser is a cruiser – this would include battlecruisers and command cruisers. These are the big bulky ships-of-the-line, with lots of crew and lots of survivability.

  • Base Hull should be a lot higher than current. Anywhere from +50% to +100% is justifiable.
  • The big sturdy space frames should come with innate Damage resistance. Maybe a base 10% to all damage resisteances.
  • Innate hull-healing and system repair bonuses to represent the larger number of crew.
  • On the flip side, they would suffer a penalty to Defense rating, due to their large sizes and slow speeds.

Escorts – Just look at the way the Defiant was shown on screen. Escorts should be fast (much, much faster than other ship types) and agile, and rely on both to stay out of trouble. For simplicity’s sake Raiders can be lumped together with Escorts.

  • Base Speed (impulse mod) should be a lot higher. Perhaps +50% to +100% of current.
  • The relative small size of escorts could translate to innate Defense bonuses. Anywhere from +5 to +20 depending on ship size, perhaps?
  • Escorts can maybe gain a base weapon damage bonus (+5%?), to represent their focus on tactical systems.
  • On the flip side, they would suffer a penalty to all sorts of healing, due to their smaller crew counts.

Science Vessels

  • Science Ships should all have an innate bonus to Shield Strength and Shield Hardness.
  • Sci Ships can get a base Exotic damage bonus (+5%?) in the base frame.
  • Sci Ships can also come with a base PartGen/Drain/Control bonus, perhaps +10 to each?
  • On the flip side, they would suffer a damage resistance penalty as by definition Science Vessels are not designed as warships. You could also argue the inclusion of multiple sensor arrays, labs and specific mission pods make these ships more vulnerable in battle.

Carriers – Carriers are a bit of an odd duck, unique enough to be considered outside of the main three ship classes. For the most part, they’re still big and bulky like cruisers, but they should have additional bonuses to differentiate them from all the single-hangar ships.

  • Base Hull should be a lot higher than current. Anywhere from +30% to +50%? Carriers are not specifically meant to stand in the line of battle, so they don’t need to be as sturdy as cruisers. And they tend to have a lot of empty space (hangar decks) which can lead to less hull.
  • Their primary focus is supporting their pets (launched craft), so something like boosting pet hull by 10% and pet damage by 10% would be good.
  • They may have certain innate skill bonuses, such as Control Expertise to represent the carrier’s role as a mothership. I’m drawing a blank on what else can be added here at the moment.
  • On the flip side, they would suffer a penalty to Defense rating, due to their large sizes and slow speeds.

We can take this concept further and include additional bonuses for different captain-ship combinations. As an example, a tac captain in an escort can boost damage even further, but an eng captain in an escort can potentially negate the healing penalty… and so on. This can open up a lot of possibilities for people to try the various combos!

Anywho, this is obviously just me daydreaming about what can possibly be done to spice up gameplay. It’s probably never gonna happen, but it’s still fun to come up with these ideas.


2 thoughts on “Big Ships, Little Ships (Random Ideas)

  1. You know what would be neat? A ship with only heavy weapons or only hangars, only extra deflectors. But that sort of extreme specialization would probably be too much for most

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