New Champions Character – Ghosteye

Wow, seriously, my one and only post about Champions Online was done back in January 2015 — over 2.5 years ago! That’s a little bit crazy.

Star Trek Online seems to be hitting a slow/low spot lately; other than the Martok episode there hasn’t been a lot of notable new content. Instead they’re recycling stuff like Arena of Sompek with a bad twist: the original Sompek was 3-runs-over-the-weekend for an account-wide reward, but now they turned it into a 14-day, per character slog for a lousy gun. So…. 14 runs per toon, Koyabashi-style queue, ground STF, for a ground weapon.

Yeeeeeaaaaah…. no, thanks. I’m not doing that. Did they actually think any player would enjoy that change? Because if they did, boy do I have some bargain waterfront property for sale in the Gobi desert!

It’s somewhat timely then that a friend wanted to try out Champions again, and invited me along… I thought what the hell. Champions only gives you two free character slots (both of which I have previously used); I am El Cheapo and don’t want to spend actual money to buy more slots, I went ahead and deleted level 18 Flashfreeze to make room. And now I have a new Champion toon: Ghosteye!

P.S. Why can’t I use my Zen from STO on Champions? I wish I could. I have a nice little stash on STO that can really help on this game, but now I’m stuck with no money.

Since I’m a free player (Silver) I am still limited to a small number of preset archetypes; that suits me just fine since I don’t plan on delving too deep into Champions’ stats and systems. This is just for fun and time-wasting so using a simple preset makes things a lot simpler for me.

Ghosteye is, as you can probably imagine, a “Blade”, in other words someone who pokes people with sharp objects. She’s obviously a ninja — I spent more time slapping her appearance together last night than playing, so I don’t even have much of a background for her yet. Is she like Elektra, a Greek woman inexplicably trained by Hand ninjas? Or like Karai, daughter of Shredder, leader of the ninja Foot Clan? Hmm. I wonder what is with all these ninja clans named after extremities. Are there other extremities that are currently unused? Er, I probably shouldn’t go down that path.

Going with the popular TV Trope, I’d just make her a ninja assassin trained by some shadowy Japanese criminal organization called the… er… let’s call them Zuijin, headed by… uhm, future nemesis The Scarlet Shogun! Look out level 25 (if I ever get that far with her)! Infused with mysterious hokey spiritual energy, Ghosteye has almost superhuman abilities that allows her to stand up to robots, aliens and super-villains! She broke free of her ninja-conditioning due to some traumatic event, either she discovered the ninja clan murdered her real family or she was rescued/redeemed by some great hero, and turned to the side of angels while trying to settle her bloody past.

Wow, this stuff just writes itself. I kid you not, I’m just making this up as I type.

If memory serves there is a series of early missions in Millennium City that involve an Asian-mystically-themed criminal gang, so that might play okay with Ghosteye’s prior affiliation with some fictitious Yakuza/Ninja clan.

I figured I’d drag Fungi along for this round of time-wasting, and what would he come up with to go with a ninja girl? As it turns out, its….


….Nurse Chthulu is not a superhero! She’s a Freak! The kind that you have nightmares about, like waking up on an operating table to find her looking down at you. Who kind of demented mind would come up with something like this?

I also brought out my other Champions toon to play a bit, the goofball Fire-Ant. Level 25 is right around the corner for him, which means he can have his first-ever nemesis. Once I get that set up, I’ll probably write a long, long overdue update for the guy. Stay tuned!




3 thoughts on “New Champions Character – Ghosteye

  1. You should get an aura for Ghosteye, to make her ghostier. I think there’s free ones somewhere. I vaguely remember there being something like that.

    Sadly, it’s all downhill after the initial fun of making your character. I’m not sure how they managed to create pure, distilled boredom out of the assembled pieces of that game (since some of them really aren’t bad), but they did.

    It’d kinda be nice if they ported over some more of the animations, tamer costume parts and hairstyles to STO. Though the latter would require more realistic textures so that’ll never happen.

    It’s just, I want that beehive so much, and those face tentacles. Magnificent. Some of that artwork needs to be rescued from the forgotten purgatory that is Champions Online.


    1. I think it’s the nature of the genre, which doesn’t give out that epic feel. Sure you get end-of-the-world apocalypses or planetary alien invasions, but they’re all tacky in the comic book medium. It’s not like a fantasy MMO where you might have an entire virtual world to explore… it’s one town. And a few excursion spots. Superhero games just feel a lot smaller in that sense.

      The gameplay itself is rather limited too; I feel like Fire-Ant has been punching thugs the same way for the past 20 levels, and it gets really repetitive. Then again, it’s pretty true to the superhero genre!

      I agree that they should try to port over as many customization options and emotes to STO as possible — many of them are quite good. I heard Champions Online is — and has been — in maintenance mode with little-to-no new content for a while now, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Cryptic decides to close it down within a year or two.


      1. True. There doesn’t seem to be any fun side diversions either, so the maps feel really static. You don’t save cats from trees, stop speeding trains, there’s no mini-games to play or puzzles to solve or can you interact much with anything in the environment. All you do is hit endlessly respawning bad guys until they fall down, over and over and over with the same handful of abilities. Collect xp, $. Wash, rinse, repeat. Whee.

        It must be doing okay-ish, somehow. I thought they did add a couple things recently. The starting tutorial and newb area had some players going through, but it did seem much more sparsely populated.


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