Star Trek Fashion – The Skant

As part of the TNG 30th Anniversary celebration, STO is giving out the Type-7 Shuttle…. and the Skant uniform as gifts. Be sure to grab them now!

According to rumors, the Skant has been consistently the most requested costume piece on Star Trek Online, so the multitude has finally got their collective wish. But from a fashion stand point, this requires some more in-depth look.

simplicity-startrek-costumes-pattern-100001-av2aGender equality is a great thing. We have had the Shakers, and Suffragette in the 19th and 20th Centuries, and it’s great to see equality continues to its logical outcome in the 24th Century with Skants. It’s encouraging to see that real men in the 24th Century aren’t afraid to show their legs and keep their nether regions properly ventilated in a work environment. At least for a couple of years. By 2368 male Starfleet personnel are required to shave their legs when wearing Skants, for hygienic reasons and sanity of their coworkers. Some alien cultures may interpret bare hairy legs a sign of hostility during First Contact missions, and we don’t want that.

star-trek-skantIt might be worth noting no male senior officer has been spotted wearing a skant, nor has any male Starfleet personnel with any importance (such as having a speaking line). It should be concluded that the male version of the skant is reserved for the lowest of the low ranks, or it could be a disciplinary action given out to employees guilty of sexual harassment. A typical reaction of wearers of the skant is demonstrated by crewman Samsung Hyundai over there: his “What are you looking at?” expression clearly shows his displeasure by the looks he is being given by his coworkers, yet he is still parading around in his skant.

Another practical use of the skant is potentially medical in nature. The improved ventilation and air circulation of the wearer’s naughty bits will no doubt minimize the growth of space fungus and other itchy ailments. Keeping things cool and dry will also discourage mold growth, rotting and rodent infestations. It also avoids a common problem with Starfleet uniforms as repeatedly reported by Captain Picard, whose pants would continuously and uncomfortably ride up, requiring the wearer to keep tugging it down.

tumblr_lzvra2djwp1rpb802o1_1280Very few male Starfleet personnel who wear the skant have chosen to adopt the rest of the wardrobe of their female coworkers, such as tights, nylons and go-go boots. The reason for this is unclear; it may be that 24th Century razors are still crude and poorly shaven legs react badly to tights and nylons. It is also possible tights might just be a bit too constricting. But even with the perceived freedom of movement with the skant, it should be noted that personnel with certain starship duties are encouraged to take extra caution while wearing skants — including the mandatory use of underwear. These include:

  • Engineering personnel who need to crawl through Jeffries Tubes.
  • Engineering personnel who need to climb ladders.
  • Engineering personnel working on the upper level of the Warp Core.
  • Medical personnel handling patients with infectious diseases.
  • Tactical personnel who engage in Zero-G combat.
  • Tactical personnel launching torpedoes.
  • Science personnel launching probes.
  • Turbolift operators.
  • Environmental controls should not be operated by Skantsters.
  • All personnel who require sitting while facing another person.
  • All personnel on First Contact missions.
  • All cafeteria/mess hall personnel. Bar personnel are exempt – in fact they are encouraged to wear Skants during Happy Hour.

In addition, some species should not be asked to wear skants because of physical or cultural reasons. For example, Vulcans find them illogical, and Andorians find them too cold.

It is also important for command personnel to closely monitor the number of sexual harassment complaints upon adoption of the Skant, as well as social media for any inappropriate pictures being posted.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Skant for your crew and breeze your way across the galaxy!




3 thoughts on “Star Trek Fashion – The Skant

  1. I’ve been disappointed that so few people have been wearing them in game. But pleasantly surprised that they made skirts for the roms and kdf. My shirtless male orion looks great in his. The reman also. Those super sexy, pale as death, liver spotted legs of his really needed to be on display everywhere, not just on Risa.

    It would be nice to have some options for pantyhose/tights. Winter is coming!

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