Bag of Fixes

Since the release of Age of Discovery, the Star Trek Online player base has generally been pretty restless. Well, okay, maybe restless isn’t the best descriptor. Maybe grumpy? Enraged? In any case, do a quick scan through the STO Forums and STO Reddit, and you can judge for yourself.

It’s not Age of Discovery that most players are upset about — it’s the fact that it not only came with a host of new bugs, but it also broke a wad of old content, and Cryptic has shown little interest in fixing anything. This is not new though — bugs and improvement requests have been piling up for a while, many of which ignored (Tzenkethi BZ, anyone?), and this is just adding fuel to the fire.

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Arena of Sompek Retu….OOPS.

I am not entirely sure this has happened before, but after Day 1 of a new round of the Sompek Arena event, it gets dropped like a bad habit because of a bug that Cryptic couldn’t squash. This is the official Tweet:

Hey folks-despite herculean effort, we won’t be able to fix the Arena for tomorrow, so in about forty minutes, we’re going to switch the Arena off and switch Borg Red Alert on for the weekend on PC.

We’ll bring the event back when we have it fully fixed.

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Age of Discovery – System Changes

In my haste to look at the new tutorial, ships and bling that came out with Age of Discovery, I ignored many of the system changes that were less flashy, but have greater impacts on my gameplay. Here’s a quick, and probably incomplete rundown.

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Age of Discovery

I’ve been away on a trip to the Far East for the past 3.5 weeks, and by gosh I missed a bunch of stuff that happened on STO! Not the least of which is the release of the Age of Discovery… uh, it’s not technically an expansion, so I’m not sure what to call it. Anywho, here’s the (belated) announcement.

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