Near-Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bio: I play Star Trek Online where my main character is named Heidy; hence, this blog is cleverly named "STOHeidy". Ha. Haha. Ha. So. Clever. I like to ramble on about stuff, occasionally write fiction, doodle comic strips and randomly browse wikipedia to fill my brain with junk information. I used to MUSH (online text-based Roleplay) a lot but for the most part I've moved on. I love documentaries and high quality TV drama shows like Game of Thrones, but completely despise the very concept of reality TV (despite the name, it's not real, it's not -ity, and barely even TV). In real life (or whatever passes for it), I am a Chinese-Canadian based in British Columbia, Canada, home of the lovely Bigfoot and squiggly Ogopogo. Occasionally I am Ruler of All I Survey, but I work 5 days a week as... waitaminute, I'm not going to tell you where I work! >:p

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