Arena of Sompek Retu….OOPS.

I am not entirely sure this has happened before, but after Day 1 of a new round of the Sompek Arena event, it gets dropped like a bad habit because of a bug that Cryptic couldn’t squash. This is the official Tweet:

Hey folks-despite herculean effort, we won’t be able to fix the Arena for tomorrow, so in about forty minutes, we’re going to switch the Arena off and switch Borg Red Alert on for the weekend on PC.

We’ll bring the event back when we have it fully fixed.

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It’s Black Friday again

It’s Start Trek Online’s annual Black Friday sales again!

It’s that time of year once again, Captains – the Star Trek Online Black Friday sales are on! In addition to the previously announced ways you can save on Zen and Packs on all three platforms, we’re pleased to announce that from November 22rd at 8am PT to November 28th at 10am PT, all items in the C-store will be 25% off, on all three platforms! That means ships, inventory slots, duty officers and more will all be yours for the taking, Captains. Get out there and get those items you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, it starts on November 22RD — that’s Cryptic’s typo, not mine. Yes, it’s November the TWENTY-TURD.

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