Fictional Job Assignments (Federation Edition)

As if it’s not obvious, I like to daydream about my gaming characters, give them background stories, their friends and foes, and occasionally write fiction about them. This is especially true with my STO characters, because Star Trek is such a well-developed setting, so today I just want to do a simple and brief update on what my various Federation toons are in the current game setting.

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Character Spotlight – Alexstraza Descu


“Gosh, my sword is taller than me. I love it!”

After much contemplation, I’m finally going to start dipping my toes in the world of MMO Roleplay. I intend to take it slow, and going to start off with not one of my main toons on Guild Wars 2, but a low level one I’m slowly leveling. Here’s the profile I put together for her.

(Copied verbatim from a post I made on a Guild Wars 2 Roleplay forum.)

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Character Spotlight – Star-Crossed


I had fully intended to use some, if not all of the Science ships that I got on Black Friday, as someone’s endgame ship. Trouble is, none of my toons has the proper skills or gear to properly fly Science ships….even Heidy, who has the right skills, is specifically built around lighter Science vessels such as the Pathfinder and the Nautilus, and won’t do very well in the slower Nebula. With that in mind, I ended up making a couple of new toons for that specific purpose… but since then they have kinda taken a life of their own in my head.

Meet Starfleet Lt. Adam Kunzel, helmsman of the USS Portsmouth, and Nessi, medic, slave girl and assassin of the Orion Syndicate.

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Adventures of the Oculus

screenshot_2016-10-19-22-35-58Captain’s log, Supplemental – The last six weeks had been a flurry of inquiries and investigations around what happened on the moon of Aphis VI. Regardless of the fact that we saved over 6,000 colonists, and made friendly first contact with the Aphisians as a result, we still interfered in an interstellar conflict that crippled the Cassini… and resulted in the loss of twenty two of my crew. 

I know I made the right call, and Starfleet’s ruling last week vindicated my decision. Still, that doesn’t make me any less responsible for the twenty two brave men and women who lost their lives. Losing people under my command is not new – I have had plenty of experience in that during the Iconian War – but this was peace time, and we were on a deep space exploration mission. This wasn’t what my people signed up for.

As vast as the universe is, it feels increasingly small and crowded. With the virtually limitless amount of resources out there and replication technology, sometimes I wonder what everyone is constantly fighting over. The only answer I can come up with is FEAR. Fear that someone with better technology and a bigger gun is going to suddenly show up and annihilate your entire species. Fear that not being top dog means you are destined to be subservient to someone else. Fear that you will forgotten by history and disappear from memory. 

Which is why the Federation is so important…. because the Federation removes that fear. By promoting understanding and acceptance, the Federation is a community where a species doesn’t need to fear its neighbors. It’s easy for those who reject the Federation to decry and make fun of its idealistic tenets, but moreso now than ever, I understand why the institution is such a cornerstone to peace. It’s not so much about following some mighty Federation edict or expanding its influence; it’s the simple idea of providing a framework where everyone can peacefully sit down, talk, and understand each other without succumbing to that primal fear that we all have.

I owe the Cassini an apology, as well as a thank you; we have only served aboard for thirteen months, and she definitely went before her time. She held together long enough to get us back home, but I suspect the damages she took will prove fatal. In a sense, she is the twenty-third crewman that I have lost on this journey.

As I sit here in the ready room of the U.S.S. Oculus, a newly commissioned Nautilus-class temporal science vessel, I find myself wondering what the future holds for my crew and I. What can we do differently that can turn around this incessant fighting in the galaxy? What can we do to prevent more senseless deaths? 

P.S. I am also wondering why they welded the saucer section on sideways on this ship. It’s horribly disorienting.

P.P.S. I can swear this ship is bigger on the inside… Still working through the temporal mechanic calculations in my spare time.

~ Captain Heidy von Bach ~

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