Bridge Officers – The Hiring

Star Trek Bridge Officers are the main cast; they drive each of their shows and the stories. There wouldn’t be much of Star Trek if Kirk didn’t have Spock and McCoy at his side!

In STO, your Bridge Officers, or BOffs for short, are even more important! BOffs give you the various abilities you use in space combat; without them, fighting in space would be rather boring… although ironically, it may more closely resemble how space battles are depicted on the TV and movie screens!

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Budget Build for Newbies

For every toon that has good gear and a lot of resources pumped into them, there are two who are barely developed. Lt. Adam Kunzel is one of my newest toons, and also one who has very little resources dedicated to him. His entire build is done on the cheap, but for what he is, Adam is not ineffectual. I thought I’d use him as a template and write a guide for new STO players, on one possible setup for an inexpensive endgame ship.

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Core Assault Queue (Experience and Guide)

Have you run the new PvEvP queues yet? Currently there are two of these “Wargame Scenarios”, one Ground queue called Binary Circuit, and a space one called Core Assault. Fungi-skully wrangled me into trying both this past weekend, and it’s been an interesting experience. I thought I’d post about the space queue, and offer a little bit of a guide to anyone who’s not yet experienced with it.

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Fidgety Fingers

I knew right off the bat that starting a new game comes with a steep learning curve: the base game mechanics, how to make lotsa make-believe money, what sort of activities to do, and so on. Little did I realize that it actually involves something far more fundamental.

Namely, the basic keyboard/mouse control scheme.

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Heidy’s Rotation for Dilithium Farming, 2016 Update

DilmineI posted about my daily dilithium farming routine over a year ago; things have changed in the meantime that I thought I’d post an update.

I am going to be referring back to the original post, since most of that information is still valid. I’ll just note the changes along the way.

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New Ground Queue – Miner Instabilities

cnvfj86uiaaf4plIncluded in yesterday’s patch is a new ground queue called Miner Instabilities, which is appropriately 23rd Century and AOY-based. Given the poor performances of the two AOY space queues (which made farming Temporal Marks difficult), and the relative dearth of active ground queues lately, this one is particularly noteworthy.

P.S. Technically the patch has increased the reward for the Days of Doom queue, so that queue might be worthwhile to play now.

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