Avengers Infinity War Review

Marvel movies have been knocking it out of the park for a while now, and the latest installments definitely do not disappoint. I saw Black Panther only about a month ago, but I thought it was very well-made. Not only was it a self-contained story, the visual designs of Wakanda were brilliant, and the narrative actually brought some real thought-provoking questions to the forefront — indeed, what are the moral obligations of the most technologically-advanced nation in the world, towards its fellow Man?

This past weekend I caught Infinity War. This is a very different kind of Marvel movie than Black Panther — and I am continuously amazed that Marvel movies manage to have all these different “feel” for each of their heroes. But goshdarnit, Infinity War was quite a ride!

Spoiler Alert!! — if you are one of four people on the planet who still haven’t seen it!

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Heidy’s Top and Bottom 5 Film Franchises

“Heidy!” You ask. “What are you doing talking about movies? I thought this is a Blog about Star Trek Online and other MMOs?”

“Well,” I reply. “It is, but Star Trek Online has been kinda slow lately. There hasn’t been much real new content like the big expansions in a while; maybe something will be announced in the Las Vegas convention this weekend? Till then, I wanna talk about movies. Hey, it’s my blog!”

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Star Trek vs Star Wars – 5 things each does better

A couple of weeks ago I finally caught Rogue One on Netflix, and the crazy thing is I liked it so much I find myself drawn back to Star Wars once more…. after God knows how long.

A couple of months ago I did a post that touched upon the ongoing Star Trek vs Star Wars fan debate, although my focus wasn’t about the debate at all. Today, for shits and giggles I just wanted to put together a list of 5 things that each of the franchise does better than the other. Because I personally find it hilariously dumb, you can rest assured that this won’t be one of those silly discussions that try to argue how turbolasers are more powerful than phasers.

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Star Wars vs Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs Rogue One

As someone who is perhaps not the biggest fan of the Star Wars franchise, I don’t rush out to see Star Wars movies and I’m usually content to wait for them to hit the small screen. “The Force Awakens” hit Netflix a few months ago, and “Rogue One” just came out yesterday, so now I am all caught up. I thought I’d do a rather belated review of the two movies, but really this is more focused on a comparison between them.

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