Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2019 and another year closer to the utopia of the 25th Century. Ha ha ha. I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday with lots of fun and alcohol, at least. Maybe even a bit of STO’ing!

Speaking of which, I had the weirdest STO dream a couple of nights ago.

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RIP Stan Lee

The irrepressible and legendary writer/editor/publisher of Marvel Comics, Stan “The Man” Lee, passed away yesterday at the age of 95.

He co-created some of the most recognizable Marvel comic characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men… among many others. With the meteoric pop-culture rise of Marvel in the past 10 years, Lee is arguably the best known face of comics today, and it’s been a tradition in Marvel movies for Lee to make cameo appearances; even if you don’t know him, you’ve got to recognize him by now.

While I don’t really read comic books, I am a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I’ve always favored Marvel over DC. The main reason is Stan Lee: specifically, the way he wrote and designed Marvel’s characters, who are far more nuanced and interesting than their DC rivals because they are flawed and diverse.

The Man himself was, by all accounts, endlessly enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. While it is a great loss not only to comics but pop culture overall, Lee clearly lived a full life. He leaves behind an unmatchable pop culture legacy, and a worldwide fanbase… not bad at all for someone who wrote “the funny books” as a career.

Super-Heroes never die. You will forever be remembered, Stan. Excelsior!

Stephen Hawking – May your spirit travel the stars

Renowned physicist, and one of the top scientific minds of our generation, Stephen Hawking passed away today at the age of 76.

Doctor Hawking’s contributions to science, especially in the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology are undeniable, and as a human being is a beacon for overcoming adversities to achieve greatness. But he has also shown a lighter, fun side of his persona; he has played himself in a number of entertainment media, including a really funny cameo in Big Bang Theory, voicing the cartoon version of himself in Futurama, and for Trek fans — one of Data’s holographic poker partners. He is not just a brilliant, trailblazing scientist, but also a god of geeks who is proud of it.

Rest in peace, Dr. Hawking. And may your spirit travel and see the stars.


Heidy’s Science Class: Explore Strange New Worlds.

Exploring strange new worlds is not just a staple of Star Trek, it’s part of the franchise’s tag line! But sometimes, the strangest world may not be that new. Sometimes, we look at the world we live on, and have one of those WTF??? moments.

Science time!

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The Miracle Worker Cruisers

We are still in the midst of arranging for mom’s funeral, but as many people keep telling me, it’s just as important to get back to our daily lives. In that sense, STO has been very helpful; it’s something to keep my mind busy so that I don’t (unhealthily) overthink about real life.

As you probably all know already, Cryptic released a new line of “Miracle Worker” ships recently. There are some controversy over them and it’s time for Heidy to take a look at them.

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