The Reliant and a Ship Sale

Real Life hasn’t been kind to me lately, which is why I haven’t been blogging much in the past month. In addition to my mom’s health problems, I managed to end up in the ER for a stay and now living on pain meds. Oh the joys of Real Life.

Still, my love of Star Trek and the acquisition of shiny new things (via a Ship Sale this past weekend) offer some distraction from all the misery.

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Season 13 – Escalation

I have been slow with blog posts lately because I’m dealing with a serious family illness (mom). ūüė¶ I’m still following news on STO mainly because it offers a distraction from the real life suck.

In any case, Season 13: Escalation was released a couple of days ago amidst a lot of skepticism.

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Enterprise-LOLwot Stats

As one of my readers helpfully noted, the STO stats of the Enterprise-J (as well as the Klingon-J and the Romulan-J) have been revealed. Other players on Reddit have already posted some good evaluations of the stats, but I thought what the hell, I have a blog so why not do my own breakdown, right?

Before we get into the stats, take a look at that image up top. Yeah, I kinda want to see the Enterprise-LOL in that scale in-game, just to satisfy¬†my morbid curiosity. I would despise it, but… hell I already do!¬†So why not?

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