Personal Endeavors

Back when Victory is Life first came out, Cryptic made mention of a new Personal Endeavor system that they’ve been working on. It was brought up again briefly a couple of weeks ago, and now apparently the prototype is on Tribble. Reddit user xMistrox didĀ up an awesome summary based on what he saw so far, so let’s have a look at what he’s found!

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Bridge Officers – The Hiring

Star Trek Bridge Officers are the main cast; they drive each of their shows and the stories. There wouldn’t be much of Star Trek if Kirk didn’t have Spock and McCoy at his side!

In STO, your Bridge Officers, or BOffs for short, are even more important! BOffs give you the various abilities you use in space combat; without them, fighting in space would be rather boring… although ironically, it may more closely resemble how space battles are depicted on the TV and movie screens!

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Mirror of Discovery: PARA PECUM… the what now?

Far be it for me to promote illiteracy by poking fun at a geek intellectual language like latin, but like a lot of people, I had to do a double-take the first time I see the title for the upcoming AoD episode.

Eh. Maybe Cryptic is really, really excited for new content?


Look, I don’t know if the editors at Cryptic are clueless, or maybe they were browsing Pornhub at work, or even purposefully trolling… but seriously, get that right. It’s Para Pacem, Spock.

Anyway. Moving on.

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Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2019 and another year closer to the utopia of the 25th Century. Ha ha ha. I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday with lots of fun and alcohol, at least. Maybe even a bit of STO’ing!

Speaking of which, I had the weirdest STO dream a couple of nights ago.

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Reputation Donation UI Improvement (Also Winter Event)

Remember the Tier 6 Reputation grind?

Remember that upcoming UI improvement that auto-fills the Reputation Donations, that will reduce the insane, carpal-tunnel-inducing amount of mouse-clicks?

Yes! It’s finally… still NOT HERE. But at least I don’t f%&#ing need it anymore. So yay?

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About that Molecular Reconstruction…

The Molecular Reconstruction Mechanic orignially debuted with the AOY Temporal ships, but has since found its way to other temporally-displaced ships such as the Temporal Dreadnaughts, the TOS ships and Sphere Builder vessels. Most recently the T6 versions of the Ambassador and Vor’cha both received this as well. Not exactly sure why in the last two cases, but I’m not complaining!

This Mechanic is of particular interest to my main toon Heidy, which I’ll explain later in the post. So let’s get right to it.

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