Personal Endeavors, Part 2

The new Personal Endeavor system has been out for several weeks now, which as expected, is essentially the same version they put on Tribble. Most of the endeavors aren’t particularly onerous, but a few can be a solid pain in the ass to complete. Overall though, it does succeed in its primary goal: getting players to do different activities that they normally wouldn’t touch. A lot of previously dead places are quite active now, and I attribute it all to the Personal Endeavor system.

DPS League put up a current guide for completing Personal Endeavors, which can reduce your frustrations quite a bit.

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Season 14: Emergence Overview

Sorry for the very sporadic posts, but things haven’t settled down for me at all. In addition to my unexpectedly poor post-op recovery, I am also dealing with mom’s failing health. As she has been admitted to palliative care, I am trying to see her as much as I can before she passes.

Anyway, today I want to quickly touch upon the recent release of Season 14: Emergence for Star Trek Online. Why am I still playing STO then? To distract myself. Actually I’ve been told that keeping busy and continuing doing the things we normally do help cope with stressful times. And yeah, this is about as stressful a time as I’ve ever been.

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Summer of Trek Sweepstakes

This is not STO-related, but if you are a Star Trek fan and enjoys playing with Trek ships, you might be interested in a “Summer of Trek” sweepstake/giveaway sponsored by Eaglemoss and IDW.

Here is a news article from Just copied and pasted the whole thing down below.

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