Thundering in STO

It’s kinda funny that I’ve been playing STO on-and-off for four-and-a-half years now, yet I’ve only paid passing attention to ground content. Granted, STO’s ground combat system is clunky and overall not very well-done, and you don’t really have to be super effective to get through most ground content; on the other hand, it seems like a bit of a waste for us to painstakingly customize our toons’ appearances, and not see them in action!

So when I repurposed a little-used toon for Barbieing purposes, I thought why not try something new and build a ground-focused toon? It’s a new experience for me, after all.

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Character Spotlight: Lahae and Lhianseil

Today I’m doing a two-for-one spotlight post about a toon whom I only briefly talked about before: Lahae, the Federation-aligned Romulan, as well as a new toon made by my friend Jamie, Lhianseil (a.k.a. Lee). Lhianseil and Lahae now share a backstory, so here’s two spotlights for the price of one!

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For Cardassia!

I mentioned previously that one of the main things I was looking forward to in Victory is Life, is in fact making a Cardassian toon and going for a Cardassian build. It took a backseat while I was busy grinding out the Jem’Hadar toon/ships, but I made it! A proper Cardassian toon with a Cardassian ship, in Cardassian uniforms and a bunch of Cardassian BOffs!

Whew! That’s a mouthful of Cardassians. (>_>)
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Fiction – Star Trek Online First Contact (Speculative Exobiology)

I finally finished the boring and frustrating Omega Event grind and got the Bajoran Interceptor for all my toons. While I have no intention of flying it, any ASS card is good and the console that comes with it looks pretty useful… especially on Phaser builds and I have 3 toons who can benefit from it. Anyway, I may talk about them another day, but today, something I idly wrote over lunch break…

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Good and Evil Kitties

This post is long overdue: I began drafting this in late November but never got around to finishing it, because we were in the midst of leveling these new toons. At this point most of what I wrote is outdated, but I just wanna show off the new guys!

I guess I should go and update the original post (for instance, all the new toons have progressed quite a bit since), but… I don’t wanna. Right now I am sort of in a maintenance mode on Star Trek Online, mainly just logging in to do daily refinements and little else. Frankly, there isn’t much going on — the Winter Event is more of a chore to me than an actual event, and the last time any new content is released was back in October. It’s been a bit of a drought on STO, but it’s giving me an opportunity to focus on something else for a change. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Now on to the original post.

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