Feature Episode – Brushfire

The latest Feature Episode Brushfire hit Star Trek Online last night. As part of Season 13.5, also added were the Endeavor system, the Ferengi Admiralty campaign and addition UI hotbars. Why on a Tuesday and not the usual Thursday patch day? You got me!

I played through the Episode with three different toons last night, twice with Fungi and once on my own, and here’s a quick review. Spoiler Alert! I will try not to discuss a lot of the details in the episode itself, but I may end up accidentally letting something slip. Let this be your warning!

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Fictional Job Assignments (Federation Edition)

As if it’s not obvious, I like to daydream about my gaming¬†characters, give them background stories, their friends and foes, and occasionally write fiction about them. This is especially true with my STO characters, because Star Trek is such a well-developed setting, so today I just want to do a simple and brief update on what my various Federation toons are in the current game setting.

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Feature Episode: Echoes of Light (and other stuff)


The new feature episode that came with the giant patches is “Echoes of Light”, which focuses on the Lukari’s (who we met in the episode “Sunrise”) first steps towards interstellar travel. We are essentially playing Vulcans during the Enterprise era, shepherding a new spacefaring species along the way.

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Feature Episode – Stormbound

insp_continuityThe latest feature episode “Stormbound” is… well, a bit of an odd duck.¬†Ever since the tail-end of the Iconian War, there seems to be more emphasis placed on time-travel plots, which frankly is a tricky thing to play with, and Stormbound is a good example of why that is.

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Feature Episode – Midnight

STO-IconianWar-Midnight I finally had my first playthrough of the latest feature episode — and the grand finale of the Iconian War. I am going to say this right off: this episode is very difficult to review without discussing spoiler information. I’ll try to avoid as much spoiler as possible, but consider yourself warned!

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