Fiction (Kinda) – Victory is Nice!

Heidy breaks the Fourth Wall…. Just a little. Entirely not serious.

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Fiction – Shadow Over Dranuur

“Sir! We’ve lost aft shields! We have hull breaches in section 10 thru 12 on decks 4, 5 and 6. Emergency structural force fields are up but I don’t know how long they’ll hold!”

Lt. Adam Kunzel didn’t even have time to acknowledge the report as an explosion made the ship lurch violently to the side. He barely managed to hang on to the captain’s chair, but both his navigator and comms officer were thrown off their seats.

“Fire aft torpedoes full spread!” He barked to his tactical officer, who was thankfully clinging to his console, then turned to his helmsman. “Then make a hard bank to port, see if we can shake them loose.”

“Aye sir.” Ensign Collins called back. Ensign Shyant only nodded a silent acknowledgement without taking her eyes off her console — Adam privately hoped that the young Andorian helmsman’s fancy flying could take them out of the mess.

And indeed, what a mess it was.


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Character Spotlight: Kala Kendris

I have mentioned my Bajoran toon Kala Kendris a few times in the past, although I have tweaked her appearance and backstory quite a bit since then (she is no longer a Wonder Woman surrogate). She is a Federation Engineer (the original intend was to round out my main Fed toons: Heidy is a Sci, T’Leia a Tac, and Kala is the Eng), but has been overshadowed a bit by Admiral Brown. That said she is at the endgame point even though her build isn’t completely optimized, and she is lacking some crucial pieces of gear and traits etc.

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Fictional Job Assignments (Federation Edition)

As if it’s not obvious, I like to daydream about my gaming characters, give them background stories, their friends and foes, and occasionally write fiction about them. This is especially true with my STO characters, because Star Trek is such a well-developed setting, so today I just want to do a simple and brief update on what my various Federation toons are in the current game setting.

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Character Spotlight: Just who is Heidy von Bach?

2015-06-23_00002I have posted pictures of my main Fed toon Heidy a few times on this blog now. She’s my go-to gal for doing events, running featured episodes, and my main Space Barbie ™. She’s even the namesake of this blog! It’s time to properly introduce her. 🙂

Heidy von Bach is the youngest of three children to Heinrich and Elsa von Bach; in her background the von Bachs have been industrialists for generations, and operate the Regensburg-based Neuerung Heavy Industries A.G., a major manufacturer of starship components to both Starfleet and the private sector. The company has been in existence since the mid-21st Century, although at some point in time it transitioned from a traditional capitalistic venture into an industry that abides by the money-less society of the Federation.

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Fiction – Shades of Grey 001

The evening’s events were unexpected, but also thought-provoking. Certainly, the presence of Tal Shiar spies on New Romulus was no surprise, but for one of them to beam directly into D’Tan’s personal office was alarming to say the least. If the Tal Shiar wanted to assassinate D’Tan, they have proved that they could achieve this without difficulty; the fact that the Proconsul of the Romulan Republic was still alive was a testament that things were changing.

But for the better, or worse?

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