Heidy’s Top and Bottom 5 Film Franchises

“Heidy!” You ask. “What are you doing talking about movies? I thought this is a Blog about Star Trek Online and other MMOs?”

“Well,” I reply. “It is, but Star Trek Online has been kinda slow lately. There hasn’t been much real new content like the big expansions in a while; maybe something will be announced in the Las Vegas convention this weekend? Till then, I wanna talk about movies. Hey, it’s my blog!”

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Star Trek vs Star Wars – 5 things each does better

A couple of weeks ago I finally caught Rogue One on Netflix, and the crazy thing is I liked it so much I find myself drawn back to Star Wars once more…. after God knows how long.

A couple of months ago I did a post that touched upon the ongoing Star Trek vs Star Wars fan debate, although my focus wasn’t about the debate at all. Today, for shits and giggles I just wanted to put together a list of 5 things that each of the franchise does better than the other. Because I personally find it hilariously dumb, you can rest assured that this won’t be one of those silly discussions that try to argue how turbolasers are more powerful than phasers.

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Tales from the Kelvin Timeline?

2981b05076069beaeecd28a09aedf15d1467699631Did you know that the JJ-movie-verse (now officially coined the Kelvin Timeline) is now a part of Star Trek Online? All you need to do is look around ESD or in the Badlands BZ; there is no shortage of iEnterprises and Robocop’s Vengeances in evidence. There hasn’t been too much in-game explanation as to where these ships come from other than the cursory “someone mucked around the timeline”, but it unexpectedly stirred up some serious vitriol among the playerbase, and it all stems from the fact that many Trekkies despise JJ’s version of Trek… and the JJ-ships represent the new movie universe.

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My Star Trek film rankings


Every Trekkie has this: the list of Star Trek films ranked worst to best. This here is mine, and of course this is just my opinion. The caveat is I have only watched most of the Trek films once, especially the older ones, so I don’t pretend I remember a lot of the details.

So starting from the bottom of the pile….

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