Incoming T6 Allied Pilot Escorts

Rumors about the new T6 Allied Pilot Escorts have circulated for a while now, and it’s finally announced. Here is the official news.

About time the old Kumari gets a T6 upgrade!

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STO 8th Anniversary Arriveth

Have you noticed STO has been wonky in the last couple of weeks? Every time you start the game or shut down the game, there is always a gigantic patch waiting which goes away after DLing maybe 10% of it? Well last night the REAL gigantic patch hit because it’s the 8th Anniversary Patch. Even with my broadband connection it took like 20 minutes to DL; I heard it took Fungi 4 hours.


But hey, it was worth it.

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STD Lockbox. Use protection!

While it’s no shock that STO is going to take advantage of STD — Hey, that’s Star Trek Discovery for you! — to bolster the game’s new content, I’m a wee bit surprised that it took so little time for the STD ships to make their appearances. Three of them are coming to the game soon, with the Shenzou (Walker-class) as a lobi ship, and the Discovery (Crossfield-class) and Klingon Sacrophagus as lockbox ships.

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STO 8th Anniversary

For the 8th Anniversary of Star Trek Online, Cryptic announced a couple of things. There is currently a giveaway going on …and never say no to freebies… along with some activities we usually get for Anniversaries. Call me crazy, but whatever the nine new emotes are, those are the things that intrigue me the most.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Anniversary without a new free ship. In this case, a Bajoran Interceptor.

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REpetitively REcycling REfuse. REjoice? REgrettable?

S’right, there’s a lot of stuff being pushed out on STO lately: Re-Engineering! Re-generating the Infinity Lockbox! Feature Episode Replay! Sompek Returns! It sure is a lot of Re- being used and lots of shit being Re-cycled!

Do I sound excited by all of this through my liberal use of exclamation marks? Hell yeah! Because Exclamation marks are cheap and today my sarcastic bitchiness is just bursting at the seams!

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Games Gone Wild (Rift version)

A long time ago, in a galaxy MMO far, far away…

…I started this Blog when I first started playing Star Trek Online, but STO wasn’t my first MMO. Oh no. That distinction belongs to Rift, a game which I really, really liked back in the day, and had a bunch of really, really cool Guildmates whom I still miss. Sometimes I miss them so much I try to log back on to Rift, but that game has gone through some server merges and whatever the reason is, I can’t access my toons anymore.

Anyway, recently Trion Worlds, the developer of Rift, launched a thing that managed to piss off the playerbase in a big way. MMOs of all stripes, take note of the lesson here: rein in your greed, because as Trion Worlds found out, you can only push your players so far.

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Exchange Snafu – STO Style

Have you heard of all the horror stories that take place on Star Trek Online’s Exchange? Someone misses a couple of zeroes and sells off something for 1% of its worth? Another sells off a stack of 99 keys for the price of one? It happens all the time. And watch out for the vultures who circle above, ready to dive right in to steal your carcass before you even realize you made a mistake.

I don’t play the Exchange game much, and when I do I’m extra careful with it…. it’s only recently that I made my first Exchange snafu.

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