Star Wars vs Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs Rogue One

As someone who is perhaps not the biggest fan of the Star Wars franchise, I don’t rush out to see Star Wars movies and I’m usually content to wait for them to hit the small screen. “The Force Awakens”¬†hit Netflix a few months ago, and “Rogue One” just came out yesterday, so now I am all caught up. I thought I’d do a rather belated review of the two movies, but really this is more focused on a comparison between them.

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Tales from the Kelvin Timeline?

2981b05076069beaeecd28a09aedf15d1467699631Did you know that the JJ-movie-verse (now officially coined the Kelvin Timeline) is now a part of Star Trek Online? All you need to do is look around ESD or in the Badlands BZ; there is no shortage¬†of iEnterprises and Robocop’s Vengeances in evidence. There hasn’t been too much in-game explanation as to where these ships come from other than the cursory “someone mucked around the timeline”, but it unexpectedly stirred up some serious vitriol among the playerbase, and it all stems from the fact that many Trekkies despise JJ’s version of Trek… and the JJ-ships represent the new movie universe.

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My Star Trek film rankings


Every Trekkie has this: the list of Star Trek films ranked worst to best. This here is mine, and of course this is just my opinion. The caveat is I have only watched most of the Trek films once, especially the older ones, so I don’t pretend I remember a lot of the details.

So starting from the bottom of the pile….

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