Stephen Hawking – May your spirit travel the stars

Renowned physicist, and one of the top scientific minds of our generation, Stephen Hawking passed away today at the age of 76.

Doctor Hawking’s contributions to science, especially in the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology are undeniable, and as a human being is a beacon for overcoming adversities to achieve greatness. But he has also shown a lighter, fun side of his persona; he has played himself in a number of entertainment media, including a really funny cameo in Big Bang Theory, voicing the cartoon version of himself in Futurama, and for Trek fans — one of Data’s holographic poker partners. He is not just a brilliant, trailblazing scientist, but also a god of geeks who is proud of it.

Rest in peace, Dr. Hawking. And may your spirit travel and see the stars.



Heidy’s Science Class: Explore Strange New Worlds.

Exploring strange new worlds is not just a staple of Star Trek, it’s part of the franchise’s tag line! But sometimes, the strangest world may not be that new. Sometimes, we look at the world we live on, and have one of those WTF??? moments.

Science time!

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The Miracle Worker Cruisers

We are still in the midst of arranging for mom’s funeral, but as many people keep telling me, it’s just as important to get back to our daily lives. In that sense, STO has been very helpful; it’s something to keep my mind busy so that I don’t (unhealthily) overthink about real life.

As you probably all know already, Cryptic released a new line of “Miracle Worker” ships recently. There are some controversy over them and it’s time for Heidy to take a look at them.

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Out of Commission

Some of you know that I’ve been dealing with some significant pain issues in the last few months; between the pain and the stress of not knowing exactly the cause, it hasn’t been a good time at all. Tomorrow I am heading in for my long-awaited surgery, where hopefully they can figure out what’s wrong and ideally fix me up.

This is going to be my last Blog post for the next little while, until (again, hopefully) I get better. Wish me luck!