Command Dreadnoughts

So, another ship bundle is announced. Alas, it’s still Discovery-themed, but whatcha gonna do?

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Star Trek Online Roadmap

Since I’m taking a break from Star Trek Online right now and embracing Guild Wars 2, I wasn’t paying too much attention to their Livestream discussion about the game’s upcoming Roadmap. Fungi brought some of the highlights to my attention, so I want to relay that information here and add my thoughts to them.

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Flying the Gagarin (Ship Review)

If you play STO regularly, you are going to notice quite a few Gagarin and Shepard class ships flying around this past week. While it is true that this may be a case of Newest Toy Syndrome, where the newest releases get a lot of screen time, I think the Gagarin and Shepard are also immensely popular because of their gorgeous designs.

It also helps that the ship comes with a very interesting trait, but let’s get to that later.

I logged quite a few hours in the Gagarin to grind out the trait for multiple toons, and even transferred a couple of toons to it (well, one, plus a KDF one to the Qugh… but they’re essentially the same ship performance-wise). Here’s a review of how it performs.

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Discovery Bundle Ship Stats

Despite the shitstorm that’s been stirred up by the universally panned Discovery bundle, new ships are still like crack to players… we just can’t get enough of them! Anywho, Cryptic published the stats of the ships in the bundle.

I’m sure they will be individually available in the C-Store, although based on recent Cryptic missteps, I have a strange feeling it’ll be badly mishandled. Cryptic, if you are reading this, when these ships go on the C-Store, MAKE SURE they come with an introductory discount. DO NOT sell these at regular price in order to force people to buy the bundle. It will blow up in a massive, massive way.

Here are the stats.

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Jayce’s Interstellar: Around the Galaxy

Thomas can always be counted on to deliver quality ship models, but his Jayce’s Interstellar series has always interested me far, far more. Why? Cuz it helps built the Trek universe, but in a logical and realistic way that TV and movies tend to toss aside. Anyway, here is the latest edition.

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About that Molecular Reconstruction…

The Molecular Reconstruction Mechanic orignially debuted with the AOY Temporal ships, but has since found its way to other temporally-displaced ships such as the Temporal Dreadnaughts, the TOS ships and Sphere Builder vessels. Most recently the T6 versions of the Ambassador and Vor’cha both received this as well. Not exactly sure why in the last two cases, but I’m not complaining!

This Mechanic is of particular interest to my main toon Heidy, which I’ll explain later in the post. So let’s get right to it.

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