Big Ships, Little Ships (Random Ideas)

Have you sat in ESD orbit and checked other player ships around you? I do that a lot. And when you check them, the only ship information you get are the ship’s name, ship class (when it’s displayed correctly) and its hull value. While hull value is hardly the end-all-be-all stat, it does give you a rough idea of how tough that ship is.

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It’s a Trap! Flying the Mon Calamari MC80…

….. I mean the Vorgon Ryn’kodan carrier, has arrived! After a 25-day wait (albeit minimal grinding effort on Risa), me and most of the playerbase are now in possession of the Fish Ship.

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Summer of Trek Sweepstakes

This is not STO-related, but if you are a Star Trek fan and enjoys playing with Trek ships, you might be interested in a “Summer of Trek” sweepstake/giveaway sponsored by Eaglemoss and IDW.

Here is a news article from Just copied and pasted the whole thing down below.

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Top 5 and Bottom 5 Star Trek Online Ships: Space Barbie Edition

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most STO players play the game for ships; heck, it’s pretty clear that’s Cryptic’s main source of income! And who can blame them/us? Flying starships in the Star Trek universe is what sets the game apart from every other MMO out there, so we should all proudly embrace this!

There are literally hundreds of playable ships in-game now. It’s a mixed bag of canon ships seen in the TV shows and movies, a handful of non-canon designs used in Trek-related works, and original Cryptic designs. There are a lot of very good-looking, sexy ships, but also a good number of absolute stinkers. Here are my top and bottom 5 choices!

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