Attack on Titan Review

I mentioned at one point that I am a reverse-Anime-convert: I grew up on anime, but grew out of it. The modern anime stories and concepts (and character designs) don’t appeal to me, but even then I’ve heard hype about this one: Attack on Titan, a manga by Hajime Isayama which has been adapted to an anime TV series. I’ve just been watching Series/Season 1, so this review is based on only that.

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startrekenterpriseSix months ago I made an effort to go back and watch Voyager (since I never got into it), and posted my initial thoughts on the series. As it turned out, I found the whole thing far too tedious and boring to watch; I couldn’t finish Season 2 and had to drop it before my tear ducts dried out.

I don’t know if watching Voyager actually caused me actual brain damage, because I subsequently watched the Star Trek Animated series and found that to be more entertaining. -_-

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589aafa141ea816ff61009d2e24a25c2I mentioned before that I never saw many Star Trek Voyager episodes, but this last week I have gone back to the very beginning of the series and started watching it (thanks, on-demand TV!). I quickly realized that I haven’t seen any of these early episodes, but having now waded through the first 7 or 8 now, it’s easy to conclude why it never interested me enough to follow the show.

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