Creeping up with the Cardassians

Ruthless. Sadistic. Mistrustful. Xenophobic. Serpentine. Gray-skinned alien humanoids bent on oppression and controlling their neighbors. A vile, nasty bunch, sure, but we are not here to talk about the Kardashians.

Nope. Instead we are here to talk about the DS9 bad guy aliens, the Cardassians!

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Feature Episode – The Renegade’s Regret

My posts on STO have been a bit sparse lately, mainly because I am falling back to my old hobby of online text-based RPG. I know in this day and age, how do text-based games compete with MMOs with pretty pictures, right? Well in a text environment you can make your characters as nuanced as you want, unrestricted by a game’s codes. And it’s your imagination being flexed, rather than living in someone else’s.

ANYWAY, I’m not here to debate that today. Nope. Today I just want to do a quick review of the latest episode “The Renegade’s Regret”.

Spoiler Alert? Sure, let’s do that too.

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Victory is Life!

I have been drawn back into the land of text-RPG’s lately, so didn’t do much on the MMO front. Aside from grinding away at the Breach event on STO, there isn’t much going on either! But today Cryptic made the first real announcement about the upcoming Gamma Quadrant expansion, the aptly-named “Victory is Life”.

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Stephen Hawking – May your spirit travel the stars

Renowned physicist, and one of the top scientific minds of our generation, Stephen Hawking passed away today at the age of 76.

Doctor Hawking’s contributions to science, especially in the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology are undeniable, and as a human being is a beacon for overcoming adversities to achieve greatness. But he has also shown a lighter, fun side of his persona; he has played himself in a number of entertainment media, including a really funny cameo in Big Bang Theory, voicing the cartoon version of himself in Futurama, and for Trek fans — one of Data’s holographic poker partners. He is not just a brilliant, trailblazing scientist, but also a god of geeks who is proud of it.

Rest in peace, Dr. Hawking. And may your spirit travel and see the stars.


Fiction – Star Trek Online First Contact (Speculative Exobiology)

I finally finished the boring and frustrating Omega Event grind and got the Bajoran Interceptor for all my toons. While I have no intention of flying it, any ASS card is good and the console that comes with it looks pretty useful… especially on Phaser builds and I have 3 toons who can benefit from it. Anyway, I may talk about them another day, but today, something I idly wrote over lunch break…

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STO 8th Anniversary Arriveth

Have you noticed STO has been wonky in the last couple of weeks? Every time you start the game or shut down the game, there is always a gigantic patch waiting which goes away after DLing maybe 10% of it? Well last night the REAL gigantic patch hit because it’s the 8th Anniversary Patch. Even with my broadband connection it took like 20 minutes to DL; I heard it took Fungi 4 hours.


But hey, it was worth it.

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