The Loot Box Controversy – U.S. Edition

The loot box controversy – is it gambling or is it not? – has been a hot topic for a number of years now, especially in Europe and Asia. Among those countries, China and Belgium famously clamped down hard on loot boxes, albeit in different ways.

In North America though, there really hasn’t been a consensus of whether loot boxes constitute gambling. Yesterday, a US senator brought spotlight back on the issue again, by proposing new legislation to regulate the gaming industry and specifically the use of loot boxes.

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New Reputation – Discovery Legends

This was brought up last month when Cryptic talked about their roadmap for STO, and now the new Discovery Legends reputation is about to arrive.

Now I have said many times that Discovery content don’t interest me, but new content is new content and when you strip away the packaging, it’s important to take a look at what this new reputation gives us. After all, we won’t want to miss a new equipment set that might be a game-changer, right?

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Housing in MMORPG

“Housing” in MMORPG refers to an instanced space that players can build and customize home environments for their toons. It’s a reasonably common feature in MMORPGs because it allows players to personalize their virtual lives a bit more, and these spaces also serve a secondary function as a currency sink; often if players want an elaborate mansion or castle with fancy furniture and amenities, it’ll cost them quite a bit of time and effort.

But a lot of people still do it. Why? It’s a sense of identity. Bragging rights. Pride. It’s the same reason why players go to great lengths to customize their toons’ appearances, or their weapons, or their ships.

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Heidy’s Science Class: Gravitational Time Dilation

You’ve all seen the newly released picture of an actual Black Hole in the M87 galaxy, yes?

The Eye of Sauron???

It’s fascinating stuff, no doubt about that. I’m sure Black Holes and explanations are all over the interwebs right now, so I won’t repeat it here. What I do want to touch on today, is a phenomenal highlighted by black holes: Gravitational Time Dilation. Sounds science-fiction-y? Well, think again.

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Star Trek Online Roadmap

Since I’m taking a break from Star Trek Online right now and embracing Guild Wars 2, I wasn’t paying too much attention to their Livestream discussion about the game’s upcoming Roadmap. Fungi brought some of the highlights to my attention, so I want to relay that information here and add my thoughts to them.

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