In Memoriam: René Auberjonois 1940-2019

Barely two months after the loss of Deep Space Nine alumnus Aron Eisenberg, René Auberjonois — known as DS9 mainstay Odo the Changeling — passed away yesterday at the age of 79.

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Crapshoot in the Mudd Market

When Star Trek Online opened up a new cash store under the infamous con-artist Harry Mudd’s name, it kinda sets the stage for what to expect, doesn’t it? Oh the irony.

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Elder Scrolls Online Playable Species… or is it?

First of all, there’s no need to panic! I haven’t ventured to another MMO (yet). I’m still playing Guild Wars 2 and one of the things that impresses me is that playable species selection; the sylvari, charr and asura are so unique, it’s a rare find in MMOs. So I was just looking around the other popular MMOs and see what they offer, and I found the above.

Yeah that’s an overview of playable species on Elder Scrolls Online. But if you squint a bit, doesn’t that look kinda like STO’s playable species list? From top to bottom, left to right…. it could be Human, 23C Human, some near-Human species like Betazoid, 23C Klingon, regular Klingon, then Romulan, Reman, Vulcan, Caitan, Gorn. Tell me I’m delusional!

No parlo Espanol?

Well the two weeks passed really fast! Here I am, back home and trying to get over my jet lag. Whew!

Spain has been a very interesting experience, for sure. So interesting, in fact, I didn’t want to come home! I do want to do a little post to record the memory while it’s still fresh in my mind, before everything defaults to just the photos. So here it is!

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Off to a Spanish Adventure

Real life has been overwhelmingly hectic in the last little while, so much so I actually want to quit my job. And I haven’t had much chance to blog about my GW2 gaming times either, mainly because… so much of it still feels so alien. I mean, I read the GW2 Reddit and I can only parse 25% of the posts; the rest may as well be written in Latin. Oh well!

But speaking of Latin.

Two days from now I’ll be on a plane to Barcelona. Woot! If you’re from Europe this is probably not that exciting, it’d be like me hearing about someone’s trip to Whistler. Pffft, amirite? 😉 But this is my first REAL trip to Europe (because layovers don’t count) so I’m both excited and stressed. I bet you’d be stressed too if your mastery of the Spanish language can be summarized in the sentence “No comprendo Espanol”! Still, I’m looking forward to the trip. See everyone in two weeks!


In Memoriam: Aron Eisenberg 1969-2019

Aron Eisenberg, best known to Trekkies around the world as Nog the Ferengi, passed away at the age of 50.

He may not be a cultural phenomenon like Leonard Nimoy, but Eisenberg is a much loved part of the Star Trek franchise. As others have pointed out, his character Nog went through arguably one of the biggest character growths in the franchise, graduating from a teen delinquent to become a responsible Starfleet officer. I remember liking the character because of the way Eiseberg played him: he was endlessly enthusiastic, even when he’s out causing trouble, and never bratty. He made the character likeable.

In this day and age, Aron is too young to be gone, but that’s just a reminder of what life is about. If all of us can live full lives and are remembered as fondly as Aron Eiseberg, we should all consider ourselves lucky.

Sink the Carriers – STO Edition

Recently Cryptic announced a change in STO’s Flight Deck cruisers. Even though I’m not actively playing I am still following this particular piece of news, mainly because (A) I have a few toons who fly carriers, and (B) this is somewhat baffling since I don’t think anyone was begging for this. Where did it come from? I have a theory but regardless, this promises to create all sorts of balancing problems.

The official announcement.

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