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After today’s Star Trek Online post, I started clicking around my WordPress account and saw that I had close to 150 comments sitting in my “Waiting for moderation” queue, some going back a few years. I mean, WHAT?? How did I never get notifications for them??

For those of you unfamiliar with WordPress… have patience, Grasshopper, and learn from Heidy’s salt!

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Event Campaign 2022 – Part V is Live!

The final Part V of the 2022 Event Campaign is finally here! Time to wrap this up and get my year-long payout… where it will probably sit in my account bank till the servers shut down. <.< >.>

Ahem, don’t ask.

Here is the announcement.

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Guild Wars 2 Map Meta Events

As a casual player who’s not terribly competitive, one of my favorite activities available in Guild Wars 2 is, beyond a doubt, Map Meta Events. Not only are Map Meta Events less demanding than Raids and PvP/WvW, but these are large-scale zone-wide events that involve large number of players, which can be a lot more engaging and immersive. Most also hand out decent rewards for successful completions, due to the fact that they tend to run longer and require some time commitment.

To further clarify, Map Meta Events differ from other meta events such as event chains and World Bosses; while World Bosses typically require a large number of players to defeat, they are much shorter fights and are much more localized to their specific spawn area. In comparison, Map Meta Events are the main attractions, the big productions that frequently define the maps they are on.

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More thoughts on End of Dragons… and what I have been doing wrong on Guild Wars 2

I have been playing the GW2 expansion End of Dragons fairly consistently for a few weeks after I bought it, made my way through the story quest line and visited all the new maps. I’ve unlocked fishing, skiffs, obtained the Siege Turtle, and even tried out the new Specializations on a couple of toons…

…and in doing so, also discovered what I have been doing wrong on Guild Wars 2 ALL THIS TIME. Your mileage may vary, but we’ll get to that.
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One More to Go

With part 4 of the 2022 STO Event Campaign wrapped up, I find myself sitting at 3350 progress, just 150 more (or 3 more days/runs) to complete the year-long campaign for the big payout. I’m sure a lot of other, more diligent players have already cashed out, but I missed out on a couple of previous events. Oh well! There’s one more to come in the year, so I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Just three more runs, man!

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New Fleet Rewards incoming

An unexpected announcement from Cryptic, making some changes and fixes to Fleet Holdings.

Why unexpected? Because these are fixes and improvements that had been left unattended for years… we’re talking about 5, 6, 7… even 8 years! It’s as if Cryptic hired brand new interns who just started the job recently and went, hey look at all this stuff that’s not been fixed! Let’s get to them!

There are a couple of particular changes that have larger potential impact, so stay tuned.

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Catching up – Star Trek Strange New Worlds

After the terrible mess that is Discovery (which I couldn’t even finish the first season) and the divisive Picard,  I haven’t been very eager to try out the rest of the new batch of CBS Trek shows. But after running out of things to watch, I finally got around to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds over the weekend. So I just want to give my impressions of the show.

Surprisingly, I quite like it.

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