Kobayashi Maru Event – Now in Play!

The Kobayashi Maru Event is here! Remember, this only goes from June 29 through July 3, and you need to run this once a day with just one toon to reap the rewards. It’s a limited time offer so better get started on this.

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Character Spotlight – General Gortusk

I’ve mentioned my KDF toon Gortusk several times in past posts, but I’ve never posted any screenshots or information about him. Which is a bit weird, since he is second only to Heidy in terms of experience and gear, and is my main KDF character. Time to remedy this oversight.

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Attack on Titan Review

I mentioned at one point that I am a reverse-Anime-convert: I grew up on anime, but grew out of it. The modern anime stories and concepts (and character designs) don’t appeal to me, but even then I’ve heard hype about this one: Attack on Titan, a manga by┬áHajime Isayama which has been adapted to an anime TV series. I’ve just been watching Series/Season 1, so this review is based on only that.

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