Keybinds – Do I or Don’t I?

maxresdefaultPart of the fun of playing Star Trek Online is the continuous tweaking of your character/ship build as new gear, skills and abilities are rolled out. I don’t pretend my toons are tricked out like the top DPSers, mainly because I’m not really chasing max DPS. I don’t have many of the lockbox or lobi consoles required for top DPS builds, and I never bothered to upgrade my gear to Mk XIV/Epic.

But there is one thing that I could do, but never did: Using keybinds.

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“Lost” Agents of Yesterday missions(?)

kelvin_timeline_bridge__7th_camera_angle__by_salacnar-da7bsfzAs most players are aware, three new missions were added to the Future Proof story arc when AOY came out, namely “The Core of the Matter”, “Vorgon Conclusions” and “Terminal Expanse”. However, these three missions don’t seem to follow any mission/arc sequence, and they don’t pop up telling you they are available. I believe “The Core of the Matter” popped by while I was leveling up my AOY toon, but the other two never did.

So if you’ve somehow missed these missions, make sure you go back and run them! Why? Not only because these are new missions, but they do answer a few questions about the current state of AOY.

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