T6 Escorts Comparisons

I.K.S. General Thade Bandar-log

Whew! I pretty much blew my entire Zen reserve this Black Friday, and got myself a couple of new toys. Yes I got the brand spanking new T6 Science ship bundle, but no, today I want to discuss the other bundle I got, namely the T6 Escort (Defiant) bundle. I realize it’s old news now, but having flown all three T6 escorts over the weekend, I can finally offer an informed review.

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U.S.S. Birmingham — Zdrossk gets a new role and a new ship

NCC-73614 U.S.S. Birmingham

Like most STO players, I have a bunch of alts/toons. At current count, there are eleven in total, but among those I count only six as “mains” that I regularly run game content with. And of those six, only three are considered “Core” in terms of spending considerable resources on to develop.

Recently I have been looking at the neglected toons and wondering what can be done to make them more interesting, and I came to the conclusion that this can be achieved by finding unique niches for them that aren’t a duplicate of a main toon. A stroke of brilliance (if I do say so myself) breathed new life into one of these, my Delta Recruit Tellarite Engineer Zdrossk, who has been benchwarming like a pro since he managed to hit level 60 a year ago!

Gawd, has it already been a year??!!

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T6 Sovereign

c4589fd8c2bb1c2ae630e84cfaf3abf01479231785Last week finally saw the release of the much anticipated T6 Sovereign… spiritual descendant of the Big Double-E. As it turns out, the one that comes with the Attack Wing game miniature is but one of two variants – that’s a Command version officially named the “Vizier” class, while a C-Store Intel version is named the “Archon” class.

And predictably, this “exclusive” method of obtaining the Vizier class has caused another bit of an uproar among the player base, but what else is new?

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Black Friday and STO Economy

d7cThere hasn’t been any official word from Cryptic yet, but traditionally Star Trek Online always had a Black Friday (weekend) sale with everything in the C-Store at 20% off. There’s no reason to expect differently this year, and I’ve been eyeing some items I might be interested in….

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