New Dress for T’Leia

Just a screenshot of the Seven-of-Nine uniform T’Leia is now sporting! Getting surprising amount of positive feedbacks from strangers in-game.

Also, the chunky fella on T’Leia’s left is security officer Shane McNabb.

And of course, the ship T’Leia is currently captaining in-game, Federation Hermes-class patrol escort U.S.S. Carrhae.

She just hit level 50 the other night so the Carrhae is nowhere close to being endgame-geared, but this is the ship she will be flying for a while until she can scrounge up enough dilithium/zen to get a true endgame ship. Frankly with Delta Rising slated to hit in October, it’s probably best to save up and wait for the Tier 6 ships instead.


Fiction – Redemption 002

“USS Warden to Away Team 7, status report.”

T’Leia lowered her phaser rifle and tapped her combadge in one smooth motion. “This is Away Team 7. We have completed a sweep of the Sorekki settlement.” She reported, pausing to glance over her shoulder: her squad had managed to rescue over a dozen civilians, many of them injured and were huddled together in the emergency triage set up in the village hall. Predictably, the three Vulcans among them were stoic, while the humans and Trills were in obvious distress. “We have fourteen civilians with us, ten require medical attention.”

“Shuttlecraft 4 has just launched. ETA 18 minutes at your current location.”

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From Rift to STO

I have always wanted to put pen to paper, about my admittedly short experience with MMO, because I feel it showcases the differences between hardcore MMO gamers and a newbie like myself. I find it interesting to deconstruct MMO, and look at features that are considered “fun” by longtime players — and whether they are “fun” for someone with fresh eyes.

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Fiction — Redemption 001

OOC: This is going to be the first piece of STO fiction I’m writing, which focuses on my latest character T’Leia, a Vulcan tactical officer (currently level 42!).



The six-year-old girl stood partially hidden behind the marble pillar, eyes wide at the half dozen people who have gathered in the study of her new home. In the six months since they moved here, the Vulcan colony of Harmony, her family has had almost no visitors, so the arrival of these unexpected guests was particularly noteworthy. It was a break from the monotony of the quiet, reflective life, but also a visit that, even at a mere six years of age, the girl could sense was of particular import.

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Brave New World

With the exception of a brief stint with Livejournal (remember those days?), I have never kept a blog before; never really had the need to.

On the other hand, I have Mushed for years. For those of you who don’t know, that’s essentially online text-based roleplaying – and yes, that form of hobby has a whole host of intrinsic problems, but I’m not here to talk about that. I caught up with the rest of the world last Christmas by purchasing a usable computer, and took my first tentative steps into the world of MMO – and me being such a visual person – there was just no going back. I dropped Mushing like a bad habit, and picked up a brand new one.

These days I spent most of my online time on Star Trek Online. Admittedly this is only the second MMO I have played, and for someone who might be considered a peripheral Trekkie, this game is addictive (I will probably explain why that is compared to the first MMO I tried, at a later date). In any event the thing I have found with MMOs is that grinding through stuff on my own gets very tedious and boring; it’s the social aspect that keeps me interested. Luckily, I have some friends who I play with regularly.

Anyway, so let’s tie this altogether now.

Back in my Mushing days, I loved creating new characters. Crafting their backstories, then playing them out in interactions with others. With MMOs, character creation is even more fun when you can customize their actual appearances, but what’s been lacking is the character development. I’ve also started to notice that I am missing a creative outlet, and I have been idly scribbling down things for my STO characters (toons, they’re called. That took a little getting used to). So why not start a Blog for STO and my toons on the game? It’d be a good opportunity to do a bit of creative writing again, right?