Fleet Holding First Look: K-13 Consoles, Kit Modules, Traits and TOS-Themed Weapons

New upcoming fleet holding expansion, with a bunch of new stuff? Yikes, the new traits are going to get expensive!

Conversations with the Lootcritter

K-13 has finally made its way to the Tribble Test server, offering up a first-hand view of the upcoming kits, consoles (OMG Penetration), and gear.  This first post contains fairly hi-res images – you’ve been warned – sorry for the long load times.

Note: details are subject to change before it comes to Holodeck.

Fleet Holding:

Currently, temp images are used for the holding. This fleet holding has three tiers as expected.




Interior Map:


Interior Shots:


Trait Enhancements:

This is new – it appears to be Upgrades to existing personal space and ground traits for your character.  How much of an improvement I’ll leave for the math team.



Five new kit modules based on weapons from classic TOS episodes.



Three categories of modules, each with variations of hull hardness, weapon penetration, power transfer and turn rates. (Missing one image).


Ground Weapons:

In addition to a full range of Advanced…

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Another Minor Shitstorm, but what else is new?


This limited-time promotional item came out yesterday:

For a limited time only starting today, players will be able to purchase the Key Ring Bundle! This special pack includes 20x Master Keys (used to open any Lock Box) for the price of 2250 Zen.

As an additional special promotional offer when purchasing this bundle, every pack also includes a single Ultimate Tech Upgrade. Applying this item to any upgradeable piece of equipment will instantly set both its Mark and Quality to maximum (usually Mk XIV and Epic/Gold quality) with zero Dilithium Cost!

This promotional bundle will be available in the C-Store beginning now through ending on October 10, 2016.

Predictably, it caused a bit of a shitstorm. Again.

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Heidy’s Rotation for Dilithium Farming, 2016 Update

DilmineI posted about my daily dilithium farming routine over a year ago; things have changed in the meantime that I thought I’d post an update.

I am going to be referring back to the original post, since most of that information is still valid. I’ll just note the changes along the way.

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Heidy loses her PvP virginity!

screenshot_2016-09-13-20-23-53It wasn’t even that long ago that I did a major revamp of Heidy and her ship the USS Cassini! And now here I am again. Over the past week or so, while doing Advanced Mirror Event runs, I have noticed that the damage output of Heidy’s traditional energy weapons (consisting of two tricked out Phaser DBBs plus an Omni Phaser boosted by three Fleet Spire Consoles, and the Kinetic Cutting Beam) lags far behind that of her exotic Science abilities. Granted, being a Science vessel with only six weapon slots, expecting energy weapon output to match super-charged science damage is unrealistic.

So what to do?

As I noted in that last post, I was already eyeing the possibility of turning the Cassini into a torpedo boat, and this just provided me with the incentive to get to work.

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