U.S.S. Cassini – Heidy’s New Ride

Over the last couple of months, several of my toons have received upgrades to newer ships. My main gal Heidy, however, chugged along in her venerable T5U Fleet Luna, the U.S.S. Inquest. I was content with some continuous tweaking of that ship, because (A) aside from buying a Vesta, the Luna has arguably the most ‘teeth’ for a Science vessel with 4 tactical consoles, (B) I like the aesthetics of the Luna, and (C) it was the first C-Store ship I ever bought, and I’m sentimental like that.

But with a New Dawn (and a Black Friday), a new mission is given, and a new ship is in the works for Heidy and her crew.

U.S.S. Cassini, NCC-93717, Pathfinder-class Long-range Science Vessel, at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

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