Season 12

STO 7th Anniversary and Season 12: Reckoning have arrived!

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GW2 Update

It’s been a while since I went all-in with a new MMORPG, and this new dive into Guild Wars 2 sure makes me realize how much of a learning curve new players go through. Now I fully appreciate how overwhelmed STO newbies feel!

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Guild Wars 2

guildwars2-07-1600x1200It’s kinda funny; I have been complaining about the Dilex rate until the Phoenix Pack dropped it to a reasonable level. Hurriedly I liquidated the dilithium reserves on every single one of my toons, which left me with more Zen than I know what to do with. At the same time, for over two weeks straight I have been running dailies on each of my toons to rebuild their dilithium pool… which takes over 2.5 hours of doing nothing but clicking at various screens.

Guess what happened? Burnt out. 😦

So I’m taking another break from Star Trek Online. Meanwhile, Fungi and I have taken up Guild Wars 2.

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