Character Spotlight – Star-Crossed


I had fully intended to use some, if not all of the Science ships that I got on Black Friday, as someone’s endgame ship. Trouble is, none of my toons has the proper skills or gear to properly fly Science ships….even Heidy, who has the right skills, is specifically built around lighter Science vessels such as the Pathfinder and the Nautilus, and won’t do very well in the slower Nebula. With that in mind, I ended up making a couple of new toons for that specific purpose… but since then they have kinda taken a life of their own in my head.

Meet Starfleet Lt. Adam Kunzel, helmsman of the USS Portsmouth, and Nessi, medic, slave girl and assassin of the Orion Syndicate.

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Phoenix Prize Packs and Dilithium Exchange Rates

Guess where I’m at on this graph? Not sure? Read on.

Fair warning: This is not a happy post. Skip this if you don’t feel like reading my rant.

Last night the Phoenix Prize¬†Packs¬†came into effect. In effective it’s a lockbox that you buy with dilithium, which gives a chance for players to pick up old event or discontinued items. I’ve included the writeup below:

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