startrekenterpriseSix months ago I made an effort to go back and watch Voyager (since I never got into it), and posted my initial thoughts on the series. As it turned out, I found the whole thing far too tedious and boring to watch; I couldn’t finish Season 2 and had to drop it before my tear ducts dried out.

I don’t know if watching Voyager actually caused me actual brain damage, because I subsequently watched the Star Trek Animated series and found that to be more entertaining. -_-

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New Ground Queue – Miner Instabilities

cnvfj86uiaaf4plIncluded in yesterday’s patch is a new ground queue called Miner Instabilities, which is appropriately 23rd Century and AOY-based. Given the poor performances of the two AOY space queues (which made farming Temporal Marks difficult), and the relative dearth of active ground queues lately, this one is particularly noteworthy.

P.S. Technically the patch has increased the reward for the Days of Doom queue, so that queue might be worthwhile to play now.

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Why some people didn’t get the Latinum-plated T6 Grand Nagus Marauder. Unsubscribe is deadly.

Lootcritter offers a possible explanation on the latest STO controversy — an unannounced free ship redeem code emailed to some STO players, with a secretive eligibility requirement that got a bunch of players all riled up. Sounds like a case of good-intentions-turned-PR-nightmare to me! In any case, that is one seriously GAUDY ship! It looks like someone suffering from Sudden Wealth Syndrome. Flaunt it, baby! XD

Conversations with the Lootcritter

Yesterday an email marketing piece was sent to many active players from Star Trek Online.  The promotion included a special code which allowed those players to receive a free T6 Grand Nagus Marauder.  The promotion made it possible for each character on that account to gain access to it.


Almost immediately a cry went up from the community with MassivelyOP reporting on the confusion.  Reddit threads multiplied and a large vocal percentage of the community said ‘Why didn’t I get it?.’  and ‘Am I not whale-like enough?’

‘Why doesn’t Star Trek Online love me they way I love them?’  

Disclaimer:At this stage, I DO NOT know the ‘gifting’ criteria but  my current assumption is the dollar value spent in the past year.  How much is up for your guess, however, 5 of the people I’ve spoken too have purchased more than 1K in the past year.  And yes, that…

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Tales from the Kelvin Timeline?

2981b05076069beaeecd28a09aedf15d1467699631Did you know that the JJ-movie-verse (now officially coined the Kelvin Timeline) is now a part of Star Trek Online? All you need to do is look around ESD or in the Badlands BZ; there is no shortage of iEnterprises and Robocop’s Vengeances in evidence. There hasn’t been too much in-game explanation as to where these ships come from other than the cursory “someone mucked around the timeline”, but it unexpectedly stirred up some serious vitriol among the playerbase, and it all stems from the fact that many Trekkies despise JJ’s version of Trek… and the JJ-ships represent the new movie universe.

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Temporal Operative Specialization

screenshot_2016-07-10-22-38-36One of the new things that came with the Agents of Yesterday expansion is a brand new Science-based Captain Specialization option: Temporal Operative. This one thing has the unique distinction of fundamentally affecting my play-style for one specific toon, hence I am going to discuss this in a standalone post.

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First Thoughts: Agent of Yesterday


I had my initial run through of the new AOY content in the last couple of nights, with a brand new TOS toon: the sassy and funky Foxy Brown! Long live the 60’s and 70’s! And boo for no huge Afro ‘do! Small ‘fro is the next best thing.Foxy

Anywho, here are my initial impressions of the latest STO expansion.

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