Running with Rifles

Lately I haven’t been going-where-no-man-has-gone-before much, but rather keeping my attention back on Earth where I can gleefully slaughter my fellow (digital) humans in this little game called Running with Rifles.

Here’s a trailer for you Youtube-addicts!

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Rant of the Day: App Game Girls’ Frontline

Alright folks, Heidy is in a mood today. Move right on if you don’t want to read a rant post. You have been warned!

I saw the ad to this app game called “Girls’ Frontline” today, and I just feel obligated to say something about it.

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Achtung – Panzer!

As gaming goes, I am very picky…. often by necessity. See, I suffer from Simulation Sickness, which means I get headaches and sometimes nausea when playing first-person video games. This problem eliminates a significant number of options for me, which is why I mostly play MMORPGs that don’t force a fisheye view on players (An example of this is Age of Conan, which I tried a couple of years ago but couldn’t play for more than half an hour before passing out with a giant headache), and Real-Time-Strategy games.

Real-Time-Strategy games in particular are definitely a favorite. Recently we’ve gone back to a RTS game that we have played on-and-off in the past: Men of War Assault Squad 2.

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Star Wars owns the Christmas season

I don’t play any Star Wars games, and I don’t even own a Playstation, but the latest PS4 commercial for the Star Wars Battlefronts 2 game blows me away! It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s weirdly romantic. It’s brilliant!

The best part? It actually makes me want to play this game.

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Skull and Bones

Don’t get me wrong, I like my starships and space fights as much as the next Trekkie, but when it comes to ship-to-ship battles, stage it on the high seas, among the tropics, with tall ships and iron men… and I’m going to need to change my panties.

With my recent burn-out on Star Trek Online, I have hit the Mush scene again when a new Pirate-themed game popped up. And my god do I love pirates! It got me watching a bunch of pirate flicks, from all the Jack Sparrow escapades to older classics. It also got me paying more attention to an upcoming 2018 MMORPG from Ubisoft… Skull and Bones.

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Champions Catchup – Fire-Ant

Leveling in Champions can be such a slog; it takes a LOT of punching bad guys to get enough XP for a level. No it doesn’t quite take 2.5 years to get a toon to level 25, but it can be so frustrating that you stop playing for 2.5 years and hence not leveling a toon.

Such is the fate of one of my original Champions toons, Fire-Ant. But hey, he made it to that monumental milestone last night!

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New Champions Character – Ghosteye

Wow, seriously, my one and only post about Champions OnlineĀ was done back in January 2015 — over 2.5 years ago! That’s a little bit crazy.

Star Trek Online seems to be hitting a slow/low spot lately; other than the Martok episode there hasn’t been a lot of notable new content. Instead they’re recycling stuff like Arena of Sompek with a bad twist: the original Sompek was 3-runs-over-the-weekend for an account-wide reward, but now they turned it into a 14-day, per character slog for a lousy gun. So…. 14 runs per toon, Koyabashi-style queue, ground STF, for a ground weapon.

Yeeeeeaaaaah…. no, thanks. I’m not doing that. Did they actually think any player would enjoy that change? Because if they did, boy do I have some bargain waterfront property for sale in the Gobi desert!

It’s somewhat timely then that a friend wanted to try out Champions again, and invited me along… I thought what the hell. Champions only gives you two free character slots (both of which I have previously used); I am El Cheapo and don’t want to spend actual money to buy more slots, I went ahead and deleted level 18 Flashfreeze to make room. And now I have a new Champion toon: Ghosteye!

P.S. Why can’t I use my Zen from STO on Champions? I wish I could. I have a nice little stash on STO that can really help on this game, but now I’m stuck with no money.

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