Good and Evil Kitties

This post is long overdue: I began drafting this in late November but never got around to finishing it, because we were in the midst of leveling these new toons. At this point most of what I wrote is outdated, but I just wanna show off the new guys!

I guess I should go and update the original post (for instance, all the new toons have progressed quite a bit since), but… I don’t wanna. Right now I am sort of in a maintenance mode on Star Trek Online, mainly just logging in to do daily refinements and little else. Frankly, there isn’t much going on — the Winter Event is more of a chore to me than an actual event, and the last time any new content is released was back in October. It’s been a bit of a drought on STO, but it’s giving me an opportunity to focus on something else for a change. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Now on to the original post.

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Games Gone Wild (Rift version)

A long time ago, in a galaxy MMO far, far away…

…I started this Blog when I first started playing Star Trek Online, but STO wasn’t my first MMO. Oh no. That distinction belongs to Rift, a game which I really, really liked back in the day, and had a bunch of really, really cool Guildmates whom I still miss. Sometimes I miss them so much I try to log back on to Rift, but that game has gone through some server merges and whatever the reason is, I can’t access my toons anymore.

Anyway, recently Trion Worlds, the developer of Rift, launched a thing that managed to piss off the playerbase in a big way. MMOs of all stripes, take note of the lesson here: rein in your greed, because as Trion Worlds found out, you can only push your players so far.

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Star Wars owns the Christmas season

I don’t play any Star Wars games, and I don’t even own a Playstation, but the latest PS4 commercial for the Star Wars Battlefronts 2 game blows me away! It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s weirdly romantic. It’s brilliant!

The best part? It actually makes me want to play this game.

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Exchange Snafu – STO Style

Have you heard of all the horror stories that take place on Star Trek Online’s Exchange? Someone misses a couple of zeroes and sells off something for 1% of its worth? Another sells off a stack of 99 keys for the price of one? It happens all the time. And watch out for the vultures who circle above, ready to dive right in to steal your carcass before you even realize you made a mistake.

I don’t play the Exchange game much, and when I do I’m extra careful with it…. it’s only recently that I made my first Exchange snafu.

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Heidy’s Science Class: Explore Strange New Worlds.

Exploring strange new worlds is not just a staple of Star Trek, it’s part of the franchise’s tag line! But sometimes, the strangest world may not be that new. Sometimes, we look at the world we live on, and have one of those WTF??? moments.

Science time!

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