Flying like a Ferengi

2015-06-29_00002By now you’ll see quite a few of the Ferengi Nandi flying around the galaxy — par for course for any free event ships. This means the Summer Event is starting to slow down, as players get their 1000 Lohlunat Prize Vouchers and claim their free Nandis. I got mine a couple of days ago and just got around to test-flying it last night; here are my initial thoughts on the ship.

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My Star Trek film rankings


Every Trekkie has this: the list of Star Trek films ranked worst to best. This here is mine, and of course this is just my opinion. The caveat is I have only watched most of the Trek films once, especially the older ones, so I don’t pretend I remember a lot of the details.

So starting from the bottom of the pile….

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Character Spotlight: Just who is Heidy von Bach?

2015-06-23_00002I have posted pictures of my main Fed toon Heidy a few times on this blog now. She’s my go-to gal for doing events, running featured episodes, and my main Space Barbie ™. She’s even the namesake of this blog! It’s time to properly introduce her. 🙂

Heidy von Bach is the youngest of three children to Heinrich and Elsa von Bach; in her background the von Bachs have been industrialists for generations, and operate the Regensburg-based Neuerung Heavy Industries A.G., a major manufacturer of starship components to both Starfleet and the private sector. The company has been in existence since the mid-21st Century, although at some point in time it transitioned from a traditional capitalistic venture into an industry that abides by the money-less society of the Federation.

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Feature Episode – “Time in a Bottle” – And those pesky Iconians

IconiansI am sure by now most STO players will have had at least one go at the new feature episode, “Time in a Bottle”. If not… well, there will be spoilers ahead!

First off, this episode continues the Iconian War story arc, and I think it’s one of the better episodes I’ve seen so far. From a story standpoint, it moves the narrative along quite nicely, giving the Alliance a glimmer of hope against the Iconians, yet at the same time raising some interesting questions.

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Science Vessel Evolution – Heidy’s Inquest


Above: Heidy’s ship, NCC-92971 U.S.S. Inquest, Polaris-Class Fleet Recon Science Vessel (T5U). Parked in the Solanae Sphere, Undine Battlezone.

Yes, this is my main Fed toon Heidy von Bach’s ship. With all the new T6 ships out there now, she may be a bit outdated but I’m still not ready to trade her in. I don’t know, call me sentimental? Or stubborn. 😉 This is the first endgame ship of any of my toons, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do something interesting with an old ship.

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House Pegh “The Best Defense”

HousepeghHouse Pegh is (and has been for a couple of weeks now) the latest feature episode on STO, which features a progression on the story of the Iconian war. If you haven’t played the episode yet, this is a good time to have a go now because it gives out a Ship Trait as a reward (as an option; there are also a Space Trait and a Ground Trait).

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Space Barbie 2015

The 2015 Summer Event is in full swing now, and I’ve been grinding away for Favor to get some of the Risian goodies. My original intent is to focus on summer fun for my Fed girls, but R’Jal just couldn’t resist all those galactic hotties gathered in one spot. 😉 Having gotten some of the summer items now, I’ve been playing a bit of Space Barbie, trying out different summer outfits for the vacationing toons.

2015-06-04_00011 2015-06-09_00010

Here we have Heidy in her tropical yellow and black bikini, which I have already posted pictures of in my last entry. As my Fed main Heidy is also my designated Dance-Partier as well as Jetpacker (grinding for the Ferengi Nandi). I must be doing something right with her because I have had several guys PM me about her looks; Fungi even said one time guys were stopping to check her out. 😉 Hey, it’s nice to be noticed!

The second picture shows the beachcomber costume, which is great because it’s an off-duty outfit rather than a beach one (meaning it can be worn off Risa). Next to Heidy there is Tikini, Fungi’s half-Romulan toon who happens to be R’Jal’s daughter.

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