DS9 Lockbox

What is a new expansion without some new lockbox goodness, amirite? Get ready for the latest announced DS9 lockbox, that’s going to come with the Victory is Life expansion.

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Discovery, Finally

After allllllll this time, I finally subscribed to CraveTV — which is an on-demand service in Canada that actually carries Star Trek Discovery. Finally, I get to see this show for myself. I saw the first four episodes over the weekend, and what do I think?

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Avengers Infinity War Review

Marvel movies have been knocking it out of the park for a while now, and the latest installments definitely do not disappoint. I saw Black Panther only about a month ago, but I thought it was very well-made. Not only was it a self-contained story, the visual designs of Wakanda were brilliant, and the narrative actually brought some real thought-provoking questions to the forefront — indeed, what are the moral obligations of the most technologically-advanced nation in the world, towards its fellow Man?

This past weekend I caught Infinity War. This is a very different kind of Marvel movie than Black Panther — and I am continuously amazed that Marvel movies manage to have all these different “feel” for each of their heroes. But goshdarnit, Infinity War was quite a ride!

Spoiler Alert!! — if you are one of four people on the planet who still haven’t seen it!

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Victory is Life Launches on June 5

Here it is, the official announcement that Victory is Life launches on June 5.

Widely reported to be the smallest expansion ever, I guess we’ll have to see how this thing turns out. I have to say though, that title image kinda intrigues me in the sense that… man, everyone still looks great 30 years later. Now I don’t know the lifespan of the various Trek alien species, but Nerys, Leeta and Bashir are looking surprisingly youthful for their age. Actually, who is that Ferengi dude in the lower left corner? I’m not up on my DS9 lore but I only ever remember Quark, Rom and Nog.

Thoughts on Changes

With Victory is Life on the horizon, Cryptic has been pushing out pre-season changes that may or may not have to do with the new expansion. I haven’t been playing STO much lately, so I’m not going to fuss over the little things; today I’m just going to put some random thoughts on the changes that have wider impact.

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