September Ship Sale Weekend Extravaganza, Part 1

screenshot_2015-09-28-20-18-57After what seems to be a long, long delay, Cryptic dropped a surprise Ship Sale this past weekend. And since it was a surprise, I was sitting on a nice, big pile of exactly ZERO Zen, so I sighed and figured I would just watch this one slide right by me again. Despite the inflated dilithium exchange rate, my friend Fungi went nuts and bought a whole wad of ships, so in a fit of illogical jealousy, I threw caution to the winds and dropped 2.2 million in dilithium on the Exchange. And now? Now I am the proud owner of four (count ’em!) brand new ships!

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Post-War Speculation

star-trek-online-new-dawn2Now that the final mission is out and the war officially over, it certainly looks like the stage is set for a new age of Exploration to begin (in October, I guess). But given the scale of the war and resulting devastation, there should be a long, hard road to recovery, right? We already saw the destruction wrought within the Solar system, on the surfaces of Qo’nos and New Romulus, as well as across countless other worlds that were mentioned in dialogue.

At the same time, the galaxy is at peace. The Iconians have agreed to end the war to rebuild their civilization; the Alpha Quadrant Alliance stands united, and in the process helped forge the Delta Alliance. Even the Dominion and Cardassians showed up to stand with the good guys. Isn’t it time to hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

Well, hold that thought. Aren’t we forgetting something?

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Feature Episode – Midnight

STO-IconianWar-Midnight I finally had my first playthrough of the latest feature episode — and the grand finale of the Iconian War. I am going to say this right off: this episode is very difficult to review without discussing spoiler information. I’ll try to avoid as much spoiler as possible, but consider yourself warned!

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Lootcritter has the latest “leak” for upcoming stuff. Finally, the T6 BoP! But what happened to that T6 Defiant? Why does it have flaps of loose skin on the sides?

Also, Herald Ships lockboxes? Ugh. This alien ship thing is really getting out of hand on STO.

Conversations with the Lootcritter

The following blog post contains Leaks about ships and the new Lockbox for Star Trek Season XI: A New Dawn.  Please remember this post must not be reposted on either /r/sto or on the official company forums, as it will violate their terms and conditions.

Note: While every effort has been made to confirm these ships are planned for release, Cryptic in the past has held back and not released some ships.  Any details as to abilities, consoles etc are subject to change.  You’ve been warned;)

And NO, we will not be posting anything about upcoming episodes.  Why spoil the story?

C-Store Ships

May be part of a ‘Dreadnought Bundle’

  • [T6] Kolasi Siege Destroyer  – updated Gurumba Siege Destroyer YAY
    – has fleet variant
    – comes with an integral lance weapon (not a console)
    – has a hangar bay
  • [T6] Yamato Dreadnought Cruiser – Updated Galaxy X
    click to embiggen


    Mirror Skin Variant Mirror Skin Variant


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Good Pugs gone Bad

Okay, don’t lynch me, but I still pug* on Star Trek Online.pugpug

* In the statistically improbable event that someone doesn’t know the MMORPG acronym, PUG=Pick-Up Group, a.k.a. random strangers in a group.

I’ve read that most experienced STO players only play with their fleets or friends, and avoid pugs altogether. Chalk it up to my naivete and faith in humanity (stop laughing, I don’t believe it either), but I stubbornly continue to pug. Now on the bright side, I’ve actually made a few new friends in pugs, which is part of the fun of playing MMORPGs.

Other times? Well, they are not as great.

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