Heidy’s Science Class: To seek out new life…


Like all MMOs, a lot of STO players get distracted by things like DPS and currency-grinding. But I also know there are a lot of players who play because it’s Star Trek, and all the trappings that make Star Trek such a beloved franchise. I would love to be able to fly around the galaxy, to boldly go where no one has gone before, just for the sheer sense of wonderment of exploring and discovering new things. For better or for worse, STO has never been able to accomplish that satisfactorily, but that’s an inherent problem of the MMO environment rather than an issue with STO game design.

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Space Barbie – Futurama Edition


I love to poke around the Character Editor/Tailor in STO; sure I enjoy playing Space Barbie and creating new costume looks for my toons, but to actually make fun toons using Cryptic’s extensive customization options. Case in point: I did up some Futurama looks with Kala and her crew for fun, several players actually noticed them while I was doing Kobali runs and messaged me about them, so I thought why not do a spotlight post?

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Feature Episode – Broken Circle

2015-07-18_00001As I’m sure most STO players already know, the new feature episode “Broken Circle” came out a couple of days ago, as part of the Season 10.5 update. The episode is the next big step forward in the Iconian War plot, and yes, it’s a BIG DEAL.

Coming out right after the wrap-up of the Risian Summer Event, there’s a bit of “welcome back from vacation, now let’s get straight to work” going. 😉 I won’t get into too much detail on the episode itself to avoid spoilers. but if you haven’t played it and don’t want to know anything about beforehand, stop reading now! And if you’re wondering, the title “Broken Circle” itself is a foreshadow of what the episode is about…

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Heidy’s Rotation for Dilithium Farming

DilmineMost of the long-time STO players are probably in this mode now: Farming for both Dilithium and EC, day in, day out. As I understand it, this is the typical MMO grind once the player hits max level, so it goes without saying that this can get tedious. After a while we all figure out a routine that allows us to meet the daily limit (8000 dilithium per toon) doing activities that are at least somewhat enioyable, while minimizing time/effort required. Here is what I do… and don’t do.

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T6 Defiant/T’Varo/B’Rel coming? What else is coming up?

Yesterday I saw these allegedly “leaked” screencaps from the IQfleet site. Are they legit? Sure looks like it. I have been wanting to get a T6 Bird-of-Prey for the longest time, and I know a lot of players are lusting after these little beasts.

jsctqs9 valiant

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Heidy’s 5 Most Hated Enemy Species

header8735rf345tgf3465t567Every show, movie, book or video game has villains, and STO certainly has no shortage of baddies. Not just singular bad guys, mind you, but whole races and species of them. Ranging from the Tal Shiar, the iconic Trek baddies the Borg, all the way to the laughable Kazon. And then there are the game-created ones, like the Iconian “Heralds”.

Is there an enemy species in STO that you just HATE? Someone who is so diabolical you want to commit genocide on their entire race? Or someone who is so extremely annoying you just don’t want to see them again ever? Well here are my top 5!

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